Volareo : the world’s first blockchain-enabled smart speaker in ready for August rollout

Volareo is the world’s first blockchain-enabled smart speaker. The  device allows users to listen to a lifetime of free music while providing instant compensation to musicians. Based on an open-source, decentralized platform and powered by Musicoin, and soon other blockchain streaming platforms, the speaker is controlled via mobile app or voice commands, and promises to break new boundaries in both cryptocurrency and musical appreciation.

It ensures that:

  • Musicians are paid fairly and timely for their music (due to smart contracts on blockchain)
  • Users can have a seamless music experience using voice command function with the speaker
  • Listeners can directly tip the musician or song they like
  • Musicians get better insights into their fan base
  • Fans receive exclusive music content

Volareo is thus all about reconnecting musicians and fans.The Volareo team is interviewing regularly some of the most prominent artists of the current musical scene. You can read or watch interviews with them on Volareo blog section. A few examples are Goldilox (Sleevin records under Sony Music UK), Scouting for Girls (Sony records), Dave Winnel (Spinnin’ records), Pascal Guyon (Mister’s Music, So So Def, Zomba Label Group, Sony Music)

Main takeaway from interviews conducted so far is that most of artists seem to be keen to explore the world of new technologies. There is not much convincing that has to be done after proper explanation about the current state of music industry:

There are numerous stakeholders in the music business. Still. Even though most of them are hardly needed any more. Back in the day, you needed a studio to produce music, which was usually offered by the label. Now, all you need is a laptop and a headset. So the job of the label is currently only marketing and distribution. Aside from this, you also have royalty-collecting societies that often claim the rights to all of your music and collect royalties on your behalf.

With blockchain music platform, we want to rethink the whole music industry in light of the dramatic changes over the last 10–20 years. If we were to rebuild the whole music ecosystem today, what would it look like?”

Usually the answer is always: “yeah, you’re right. We’re getting screwed. Where do I sign up?”

the Volareo team

Some are of course a bit reluctant out of a “what if it fails” feeling. And the answer is always: “Yes, there is always a chance it might happen, even though it’s going well right now. It’s crypto after all. But even if music blockchain platforms itself would fail, there is now a massive, growing community set out to change the industry.”

Upon release, Volareo will accept voice commands and can be controlled within the app in four languages: English, Dutch, Spanish, and French—with additional languages supported in the future. With voice commands, listeners can search by artist, song title, or even lyrics, thanks to Volareo’s partnership with LyricFind.

Official launch on Indiegogo will take place in the beginning of August.