Viking Line”s Plastic Bag Campaign Raised 60,000 Euros to Protect the Baltic Sea

WASHINGTON, March 22, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — From now on, plastic packaging from the company’s vessels will also be used as an ingredient in the plastic bags used in its shops on board

Viking Line’s plastic bag campaign raised 60,000 euros for the protection of the Baltic Sea during 2016, the third straight year the donation drive was held. From now on, bags made from recycled plastic will be produced in Finland , while plastic packaging from the company’s vessels will also be used as an ingredient in their production.

The company split its 60,000 euro donation in 2016 evenly between the Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association in Finland and the Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation. The money will be used for concrete environmental work in the archipelagos, for instance, for the maintenance of waste stations and lavatories as well as environmental information. The donation amount was raised from sales revenue on recyclable plastic bags on Viking Line’s vessels.

The bags, made from recycled plastic, were previously made in Germany . Going forward, they will be produced in Finland , and the ingredients used will consist partly of plastic packaging from the company’s vessels.

“Recycling is an important way for us to shoulder our environmental responsibility. In 2016, for instance, 1,022 tonnes of food scraps from our vessels were brought ashore to be used in biogas production. That amount is equivalent to 77,000 cubic metres of biogas, which in turn is equivalent to 87,000 litres of petrol. We also collect a lot of other items for recycling, such as glass, scrap metal, paper, paperboard and waste oil. We are pleased that our own plastic waste can be recycled on board,” says Susanna Airola , Environmental Coordinator at Viking Line.

The Baltic Sea and the nature in its archipelagos have been a vital issue for many years for the company, which is based in the Aland Islands. Viking Line is taking part in the celebrating Finland 100, the centenary of the country’s independence, by raising funds expressly for the protection of and research on the Baltic Sea. This Baltic Sea theme will be evident in many ways in the company’s operations during the centenary, especially to passengers during its Spring & Green theme weeks .