victorinox logoNEW DELHI, 30th OCTOBER,2013:- Victorinox, the makers of the original Swiss army knife launched a limited edition Special Damascus Steel Knife on 20th October 2013 at the Foyer, Qutub, New Delhi. It is a commemorative knife designed keeping in mind the unique qualities of Damascus steel and the state of the art design and expertise by Victorinox.

The Damascus knife holds a very special significance to us in India as according to traditional history Damascus steel originated in India before the beginning of the common era.

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The roots of Damascus Steel originate from South India. The words urukku, melting in Tamil and Malayalam or urukke, steel in Kannada, Telegu and many other southern Indian languages may have been mistranscribed to Wook or Wootz Steel, an anglicised version of urruku. Wootz steel characterized by a pattern of bands was first discovered in the depths of Southern India The myth of the Damascus blade was traced to its roots in 1790 by Sir Joseph Banks, President of the Royal British society and there is great archaeological evidence of the manufacturing process in South India. Wootz steel was widely exported and traded throughout ancient Europe and the Arab world. It became particularly famous in the Middle East where it became known as Damascus Steel. Until the invention of gun powder the Damascus Steel sword was the most powerful weapon mankind had. Armies equipped with this powerful weapon were always at an advantage over their rivals.

Reviving the use of this extremely powerful metal, Victorinox now unveils a limited edition Special Damascus Steel Knife – equipped to give you a multifunctional pocket knife experience.

When beauty and Legacy come together, the result is something truly exceptional – a knife with true spirit and character. Damascus steel is the fine steel of the sword smith which has its origins in India. It represents craftsmanship that goes back more than a thousand years. Even in antiquity, a few resourceful sword-smiths knew how to create blades of unusual toughness and hardness from different kinds of steel. The multiple folding and forge welding led to a homogenization of the material, and required a great deal of skill and dedication. Then as now,the crowning highlight in the production of a Damascus blade was the finish. With careful grinding, polishing and etching the unique and characteristic patterns are revealed, thereby providing a glimpse into the steel.

The launch evening was a very significant evening as the Damascus Steel knife was being launched in the country of its origin. The launch was a part of “Royal Fables” season 5. Royal Fables is one of its kind event founded by Ms.Anshu Khanna that showcases the creations of artists, craft patrons and designers who belong to the land’s leading royal families.

 L_R- MP Kalikesh Narain Singh Deo & Anish Goel MD Victorinox India at the Damascus Steel Knife Launch in Royal Fables_

L-R_Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar  Anish Goel MD Victorinox India  Vidya Gajapathi Raju Princess of Vijayanagaram & MP Ka_ L-R_Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar  Vidya Gajapathi Raju Princess of Vijayanagaram & Anish Goel MD Victorinox India felici_

The guest of honour for the evening, Kalikesh Singh Deo (parliamentarian and prince of Patna Bolangir), highlighted the importance of global peace in present times. Vidya Gajapathi Raju (Princess of Vijayanagram), Chief Guest Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar (HH Maharana of Udaipur) and Kalikesh Singh Deo received the first in series of the knife presented by Anish Goel, Managing Director, Victorinox India.

The evening was marked by a Baithak Night by the Indian classical music legend Smt. Girija Devi ji (Padma Bhushan). Victorinox takes immense pleasure in saluting the great treasure trove of regal art and design.

About Victorinox:

Characterised by perseverance, precision and fine design, Victorinox is well known for legendary Swiss Army Knife over 128 richly successful years. In addition to pocket, household and professional knives, today Victorinox also produces and sells timepieces, travel gear, fashion and fragrances all over the world. Each product is an expression of Swiss quality and Swiss pioneer while staying true to the visions and founding philosophies of its founder, Sir Karl Elsener. What he started in 1884 as cutler’s business in Ibach-Schwyz, in Central Switzerland has today grown to become a vast global enterprise. All Victorinox products embody the company’s philosophy, which is based on solid values, such as quality, functionality, innovation and iconic design.

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