unveiling of 3D printed Statue of Sourav Ganguly

Kolkata July 8th 2015.
A 3D printed statuette of the ‘Prince of Kolkata’ Shri Sourav Ganguly ,the first of its kind, was unveiled by the sporting legend at Mr. Ganguly’s residence, Kolkata on the auspicious occasion of his Birthday.

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“I am overwhelmed by the love and affection that my fans in general and those here in Kolkata in particular continue to shower on me” said a visibly elated Sourav Ganguly. “I have seen such figurines abroad and am sure 3d statuettes will be embraced by all with equal enthusiasm.”

“What can be a better way of announcing to Kolkata and the world that 3d Printing has arrived than dedicating this unique creation to our Hero” said Mr Rajiv Mehra and Mr Ujjal Mitra, the spirit behind MiniMeee Studio, the entity that has imported the state of the art machines to provide the service of 3D Printing.

“3D printing has the potential to revolutionize the way we make almost everything. 3D SELFIES are figurines that are produced in full colour on state-of-the-art 3D Printers using A4 size paper” said Mr Rajiv Mehra. “They are already a rage in the West and I am sure that the discerning people of Kolkata will not only warm up to this novel offering but also put it to newer use.”

MiniMeee Studio , the first of its kind 3D Printing Studio in India that provides and end-to end solution from 3D Colour Scanning to 3D Colour Printing of Selfies and other models, is a huge step in this direction. The traditional market for product design and visualisation can now not only see but also feel their creations as Photorealistic and High Definition Colour outputs in their hand. Thanks to MiniMeee we will see lot more Creative and Innovative outputs in future.

Imagine that instead of pictures you can capture the 3D model of your near and dear ones and can freeze the moment for eternity and make them keepsakes, send them as gifts, make ornaments … the possibilities are endless.

The MiniMeee figurines can be made to different sizes, materials, and can be framed on various stands, or given as trophies – the possibilities are endless.

For More Information Contact:
MiniMeee Studios : www.minimeeeindia.com