Unique 2013 Fitness Gadgets for New Age Fitness Freaks


The world of technology pleasantly surprises everyone with new inventions at drop of the hat. Staying fit and healthy is the new style mantra of gen next, and there are so many wonderful devices which enable you to keep track of your fitness level. The youth of today puts in huge efforts to keep in shape. Over past few years, a wide array of fitness gadgets have hit the market. These gadgets endeavor in bettering your health and fitness level. Fitness gadgets like Fitbit, Nike FuelBand, JawBone Up, Withings Wi-Fi Scale etc. are creating a buzz amongst the consumers.

It is very hard to lead a disciplined lifestyle. Putting on kilos will affect our health badly. Lecturing people on food quality, organics, nutrition pyramids and significance of physical exercise has not brought results as expected. Since today’s generation is very much passionate about gadgets, fitness gadgets are being widely used to accomplish the desired health outcomes. Only time will reveal the effectiveness of these fitness gadgets.

Mentioned below are few of the popular fitness gadgets which have hit the market in 2013.

Nike Fuel Band


Nike Fuel Band is an innovative device which enables you to keep track of your activities. The device is quite convenient to use. You just have to wear it on your wrist like a wristband. The band contains motion sensors which help to track your body movement all through the day. Then it translates your activity into ‘Nike Fuel’ points. It even counts the number of steps you take per day. The device is available in three colors, but the black version looks the best.

Jawbone Up


This is one more stylish wristband which keeps track of all your movements. It was initially released in 2011 but was held back owing to technical issues. Now a completely re-engineered version of the product is released in the market. Jawbone Up is slimmer in comparison to Fuelband. It can even measure your sleep quality. It does not have a screen, as most gadgets in its segment have, but its effectivity is hardly affected by the absence of a screen.

Strava Run and Cycling


Another popular fitness gadget to have hit the market in current times is Strava Run and Cycling. You do not necessarily require a watch to keep track of your physical exercises. Smartphone apps can make use of GPS to map your route and also track down your exercise routine. It is not always vital to strap a device to your arm, leg or any part of the body. There are respective apps to measure your activeness during gym workouts, swimming etc. In case you are fond of running or cycling, Strava’s Run and Cycling app is definitely worth the buy. It even allows you to compare your performance with other people using the similar product.

Polar Rcx3 GPS


In case you are a professional cyclist or runner and you are quite serious in tracking your fitness activities, you must go in for a GPS watch, in place of a wristband such as Nike’s Fuelband. The Polar Rcx3 tracks down your speed, route and distance. You can even upload it to the website of Polar’s Personal Trainer. This Personal Trainer offers you access to different training programs. It even keeps tap on your progress over a span of time and gives you feedback for each workout.

Griffin Adidas MiCoach armband


In case you are using a smartphone during your exercise, in order to track your activity or just to listen to music, you should get Griffin Adidas MiCoach armband. It is not really very comfortable to keep a phone in your pocket while exercising. MiCoach armband from Griffin is a wonderful device to help you control your smartphone remotely. 

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