TYGR App To Expand Its Reach To 20 State Franchisees

TYGR will appify 5,000 more vehicles in Kolkata in next 4 months including buses


tygrKolkata, October 12, 2016: TYGR, a game-changing transport and logistics app platform, is changing the face of commercial transportation in India by bringing under its umbrella 1,000,000 vehicles in next 6 months reaching out to 20 state franchisees in India.

TYGR has real-time tracking and monitoring of commercial vehicles already operational in Kolkata, Montréal and Toronto and is looking at expanding to UK, USA and other parts of India. This app ensures discovery, hiring and optimum utilization of all kinds of vehicles across passenger, delivery, logistics and specialty segments.

“This is the first-of its kind mobile app in the world to automate cabs, delivery services, trucks, buses, ambulances and other specialty vehicles on a large scale and is set to bring in a revolution in the logistics and route planning space. Today, roadway logistics is a $150 billion industry in India, out of which $30 billion is from last-mile delivery. We are attempting to disrupt the industry by making transportation services as easy and efficient as booking a taxi on phone. TYGR’s easy-to-use interface and highly configurable back-end means the platform can adapt itself to different transport verticals and the specific needs of each region,” says Mr. Dipanjan Purkayastha, Co-founder & MD, TYGR App.

TYGR App is the world’s first organization to automate cabs, buses, ambulances and other kinds of commercial transportation by integrating Big Data Analytics and Internet of Things into day-to-day transportation, making it easy to plan, hire, track and pay for logistics needs of individuals and businesses. In India, the app is already operational in Kolkata. Within 4 months, more than 500 bikes and 2,000 cabs in the city have been appified, and the company is hoping to extend this innovative app to 5000 more vehicles in Kolkata over the next 3 months.

“Today you no longer have to spend precious time trying to locate and hire the transport option you need, whether it’s a cab ride, delivery for your business, moving home or calling an ambulance in an emergency. TYGR shows you all the available options near you, and let’s you transact and track it in real-time, right from your phone. This convenience will be available across India, as all modes of commercial vehicles on the road are automated by TYGR App. We are even planning automation of mass transit vehicles,” adds TYGR’s Co-founder & CEO Mr. Aditya Poddar.


TYGR App will be launched nationally at the Franchise India Show to be held on October 15-16 at Delhi. Under the umbrella service of Franchise India, it will be expanding its reach to 20 state franchisees.

Speaking on TYGR App’s expansion plans in India, Ms. Sonya Chowdhry, Managing Director, Franchise India Brands Limited, said, “Today technology is doing a great job of servicing demand and supply in a timely manner resulting in convenience to the end customer. An app like TYGR truly fills in the gap that existed in the service marketplace industry by aiming to bring the entire transport industry on a common platform. Such new age businesses will surely be a hit with our investors.”

Franchise India is Asia’s largest integrated franchise and retail solution provider. It has over 2,500 brands spread across various industries such as retail, fashion, health, beauty, wellness, education, real estate and transport. By partnering with Tygr App, Franchise India is introducing online hiring and tracking as well as accurate and real-time data for predictive analysis in the Indian commercial transportation scenario.


About Franchise India

Franchise India is Asia’s largest integrated Franchise and Retail Solution provider. A pioneer of franchise industry, Franchise India was established in the year 1999. Over the years, it has helped thousands of investors in selecting the right opportunity and in turn assisted various organizations in international and domestic franchise expansions and business development.

Founded and led by Mr. Gaurav Marya, Chairman, the company is a leading business brokerage, which facilitates buying and selling of businesses across India. Franchise India has wide experience in franchise development, business expansion, corporate advisory services, consultancy, multi-brand integration, financial and operational expertise and marketing. The company provides a structure to develop, grow and expand various business models and is built around the idea of profitable and sustainable growth through partnering.

With a team of 900 professionals, 40 offices and outreach in 300 towns and cities, the Group has touched more than 15 million individual entrepreneurs, impacting more than 2,50,000 businesses. The company has more than 2,500 brands spread across various industries such as retail, fashion, health, beauty, wellness, education, real estate, and so on.

Franchise India has other companies in the Group – Francorp, Franglobal and Bradford.

  • Francorp is the knowledge arm which creates a business model for the brands to go for a scalable franchise model.
  • Franglobal is the consulting arm of Franchise India which helps international brands expanding in India through franchise channel.
  • Bradford Licensing is a leading licensing firm in the world which represents some extremely iconic brands in multiple licensing genres, giving end to end licensing solutions in this territory.

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