Top bestselling Author, Motivational Speaker, Life Purpose Consultant Suzanne Adams Launches National Smile Campaign on June 15 

When: June 15-June 22

To celebrate National Smile Day, which is celebrated on June 15, bestselling author Suzanne Adams is kicking off a National Smith Contest. This contest is encouraging people to look up and connect with others through sharing a smile. In a time where people are addicted to social media and have lost personal connection, we are reminding people of the power of a smile.

Our goal is to positively impact thousands of people and get them to create a massive wave of positivity during this contest.

The power of a smile is underestimated and today more than ever we need people to open their hearts and share their glow from within. Smiling at someone unexpectedly can shift their mood, which can in turn shift their entire day and the interactions they have with others. The more people we can get to intentional share their genuine smiles the more positivity we can send out into the world.

During this contest people are being asked to post on social media using the hashtag #suzanneadamssmilechallenge

To participate in the challenge you can sign up here: