Top 5 Movies with Dolls as Antagonist

Dolls have always been every lil girl’s best friend, confidant and their favourite toy. Seen as the most innocent and adorable thing a child could own until some filmmakers decided to start making horror movies with dolls in pivotal roles as anti-heroes. Almost all of us can talk about how we were traumatized by Chucky or the new age Annabelle. Let’s be honest, even now as adults, we’ve caught ourselves staring at our nephew or niece’s doll, waiting for it to blink, come to life and start killing people.

Slappy in Columbia Pictures' "Goosebumps," starring Jack Black.
Slappy in Columbia Pictures’ “Goosebumps,” starring Jack Black.

This Halloween, watch these 5 movies with Dolls/puppets as the antagonist:

  1. Goosebumps – Get ready to watch Jack Black play author R. L. Stine in the action – adventure film Goosebumps that releases on October 30. Based on Stine’s famous book series Goosebumps , ActorJack Black will take viewers on an unforgettable journey filled with action, special effects and adventure as the creatures he created are accidentally let loose from their Goosebumps manuscripts. The movie also stars Dylan Minnette, Odeya Rush, Amy Ryan, Jillian Bell, Ryan Lee and Ken Marino. The cast also includes many of Stine’s famous creations from the book series. Leading the way as the chief villain in the movie is Stine’s most lasting creation, Slappy the Dummy.  Slappy, a ventriloquist’s dummy is Stine’s alter ego in the film that comes to life. Slappy is the mastermind behind the evil plot and mayhem.
  1. Child’s Play – This film is extremely popular thanks to the scary red-haired doll that is possessed by the spirit of a deceased serial killer. This doll is also fondly known as Chucky, who likes to spend his time attempting to transfer his soul from the doll body into a living person. Creepy enough for you?
  1. Annabelle – This psychotic doll started her journey in The Conjuring, which is another film you can certainly watch this Halloween. She caused so much damage and mental torture in the film that she was signed for another one that was all hers.
  1. Magic- Don’t be fooled by the name because this isn’t Harry Potter kind of magic. Directed by Richard Attenborough and starring a young Anthony Hopkins, this film is about a psychologically unstable ventriloquist who acts out his darkest impulses through a creepy dummy he calls Fats.
  1. Puppet Master- This might be the ultimate horror movie for those who love it when dolls go crazy, and there’s not just one film, there’s a series of them between 1989 and 2012. The original film, probably the best of the lot, is about a puppeteer who makes the bad decision to bring several puppets to life using Egyptian magic. Just to give you an idea of the havoc that descends, the names of some of the dolls are Blade, Pinhead, and Shredder Khan.