tlcPremieres December 6th, Saturday and Sunday at 7PM


New Delhi, November 26, 2014: In a world of ready-to-eat and convenience foods, the idea of harvesting your own ingredients, eating a seasonal diet and cooking traditionally seems almost impossible. TLC presents a brand new series, NOMAD CHEF where Chef Jock Zonfrillo will celebrate the world’s native cuisines and save a treasure trove of gastronomic knowledge from extinction.


NOMAD CHEF will premiere on December 6th and will air every Saturday and Sunday at 7PM on TLC.


Packing nothing but a knife roll and a sense of adventure, Jock will embark on a journey to some of the most remote communities on the planet. Persuading the locals to share their unique knowledge of food with him, Jock will hunt, forage, harvest and cook with everyone from Amazonian Indians to Ethiopian highlanders.


Rahul Johri, Executive Vice President and General Manager – South Asia & South East Asia, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific, said ”TLC has the distinction of bringing the best shows on cuisine featuring culinary innovators from across the world. Viewers are moving towards a natural lifestyle and even growing food in their own backyards. NOMAD CHEF is an exciting new reality series that explores the origins of the oldest cuisines on the planet. Host and chef Jock Zonfrillo joins distant communities around the world to learn ancient techniques of gathering food from nature.”


In the new series NOMAD CHEF, Jock will travel to the remotest communities in ten countries including Japan, Ethiopia, Australia, Faroe Islands and China amongst others. Jock will spend some quality time with these communities and learn not just their cuisine, but also their traditional methods of hunting and their ancient customs. Back at his restaurant in Adelaide, he will pay homage to the culinary know-how and culture by reinterpreting the most inspiring elements for his diners. His real test will be whether his customers are accepting of his culinary creations or will it be too much for them to stomach?


Find out this December on NOMAD CHEF, only on TLC!

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About Jock Zonfrillo

Born in Scotland to an Italian and Scottish family, is the chef and owner of two restaurants – Orana and Street ADL in Adelaide, Australia.

Jock has been striving to identify a true taste of Australia through the culture of this incredible place. His curiosity for the land, the produce, the people, and the history of the country has resulted in over a decade of research and a quest to define a true Australian gastronomic identity. Outside of the kitchen, Jock has become instrumental in successfully reintroducing the recognised Longhorn breed of cattle back to Australia after many years of unsuccessful proliferation. His new restaurant, Orana is inspired by his obsession with native wild ingredients, his respect for country and culture and his love for foraging, diving and hunting.