tlcThe series will premiere on June 4 and will air every Thursday at 9:30 pm


New Delhi, 28 May 2015: TLC will transport you to a whole new world of experimental cooking in its new series STAY HOME CHEF with acclaimed Indian chef Rishi Desai. In the new series, Rishi Desai will present indigenous home ideas that will fill the dining table with amazing meals.


STAY HOME CHEF will premiere on June 4, and will air every Thursday at 9:30 pm only on TLC.


In each episode of STAY HOME CHEF, Rishi will present ideas, tips and tricks to excite the guests by mixing and spicing up simple cuisines. From adding an international twist to Indian cuisine to reinterpreting popular cuisines from across the world, Rishi makes cooking at home simple and fun.

 Rahul Johri, Executive Vice President and General Manager, South Asia and Southeast Asia, Discovery Networks Asia Pacific says, “TLC has successfully presented and entertained Indian audience with a perfect mix of India and international content. We are delighted to present a unique culinary series STAY HOME CHEF in which acclaimed chef of Indian origin Rishi Desai will prepare the best of world cuisine that will surprise and impress the viewers.”

Sharing his experience Rishi Desai, said, “I am delighted to host STAY HOME CHEF on TLC, India’s favourite lifestyle channel. The series celebrates cooking at home with ingredients that are readily available. I have tried to simplify cooking and make it fun by sharing recipe ideas that will enable viewers to cook a great meal for their friends and family.”

It gets challenging when unexpected guests arrive at your door and you are not quite sure what to cook. This is where home cooks feel a bit stretched trying to come up with something delicious. STAY HOME CHEF will give you easy recipe ideas using everyday ingredients and make cooking for friends and loved ones a memorable experience.

Get ready to amaze everyone with your skills in the kitchen. Watch STAY HOME CHEF, starting June 4 only on TLC.

Rishi Desai on TLC's Stay Home Chef

Themes featured in Stay Home Chef:

Low-calorie Dinner

Stay-home-chef Rishi Desai whips up a delicious 3-course low-calorie meal with Zucchini Fritters & Salsa, Keema Koftas with Rice & Minted Yoghurt Souvlaki, and Blueberry Muffins with fresh Berry Jam.

Indian Food with an International Twist

Stay-home-chef Rishi Desai gives regular Indian food a twist with a Tandoori Chicken and Rice salad, Kolhapuri Goat with Cauliflower Purée, and hot Gulab Jamun with Pistachio Praline.

Five Must-haves

Chef Rishi uses his 5 favourite must-have ingredients to make a 3-course meal with Tempura Chicken with Tartare sauce, a traditional Nasi Goreng, and a Chocolate Ganache Tart with fresh raspberries.

Cocktail Night

Rishi whips up a quick menu for a cocktail night with friends: a spicy Chaat Guacamole with assorted papads, Singapore Chilli Prawns with Coconut Rice, and a beautiful Trifle Pudding.

No Meat

A middle-eastern meal with no meat! Rishi’s cooking a spread with Hummus and Carrot dips with bread to start with, and then Vegetable Tagine with Rice, and a traditional Turkish Basbousa.

Spanish Food

Rishi’s cooking up a Spanish storm with Spicy Chicken Empanadas, a Seafood Paella, and Cinnamon-flavoured Churros with Chocolate Fondue.