TimesJobs decodes Reasons for Rejection during Job Interviews

timesjobsNearly 70% of candidates have been rejected in their job interviews at some point in their career. Of these 60% says they were rejected because of non-verbal reasons, reveals a TimesJobs study.

July 5, 2016: Seven in ten working professionals stated that they have been rejected at a job interview at some point in their career, reveals a recent TimesJobs study. And more than half of them have faced at least 5 rejections at job interviews in their careers so far.

TimesJobs further revealed that 40% candidates have given atleast 10-20 interviews in their career, while 30% said they have appeared in around 5-10 interviews.

In addition, 50% of candidates with 0-2 years of experience have given 5-10 interviews and 45% with 5-10 years of experience have given 10-20 interviews.

Rejection is part of the career growth process – however, to minimize rejections TimesJobs provides a unique bouquet of tools – in one complete solution. Providing company insights for proper investigation into the company’s culture and interview methods. Coupled with a clear assessment of one’s own Skills & Competencies and Salary benchmarked in the industry. The chances of a successful interview are increased manifold.

Reasons for Rejection

On an overall level, TimesJobs’ study found that both – verbal and non-verbal elements contribute to the rejection of a candidate during a job interview. However, non-verbal elements hold more significance than verbal components.

About 60% of the candidates have attributed their failure in job interviews to non-verbal elements. Of these 40% said that they have been told by the recruiter that they seem disinterested during the interview, 32% said they were rejected because they were late, while 30% said making no eye contact with the recruiter during the interview led to their failure.

Nearly 25% candidates couldn’t get through the process because they weren’t dressed properly and 10% said they were told that their weak handshake and bad sitting posture made their interview a disaster.

Of the verbal factors, fumbling in the interview was the most common reason for rejection, as claimed by 40% of the surveyed employees. Nearly 30% said they talked too much during their interview and this backfired. About 25% said their lack of knowledge about the company caused their failure and for 15% the rejection came because of badmouthing about the previous employer.

“Rejection feels bad and is particularly annoying when you know you will perform well on the job. Doing your research, and evaluating yourself and preparing in advance will minimize your chances of rejections. But, what is clearly evident is that the ability to fall down seven times and get up eight, is what inevitably leads to success.” says Nilanjan Roy, Head of Strategy, Times Business Solutions

TimesJobs surveyed 700 working professionals to understand the common factors that led to rejection in job interviews. This study aimed to provide insights for professionals to make smarter career decisions and led to the development of the comprehensive bouquet of career tools including a massive database of Interview Questions & Tips that only TimesJobs.com provides today.

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