TimesJobs.com launches The Skills Journal to build and acknowledge constructive solutions, to create an extensive pool of skilled manpower

timesjobsIndia Calls For A Collaborative Effort To Resolve The Skills Gap Crisis


TimesJobs.com launches The Skills Journal to build and acknowledge constructive solutions, to create an extensive pool of skilled manpower


January 6, 2014: To identify, highlight and analyse possible solutions in resolving the appalling problem of skills gap in India Inc, TimesJobs.com has launched a first-of-its-kind half-yearly report, ‘The Skills Journal’.


“India stands at a critical juncture today, its strong economic growth combined with its young population offers an opportunity that few countries have. Skilling millions of our young talented people holds the passport to success”–said Mr S Ramadorai, Adviser to the Prime Minister of India in the National Council on Skill Development, Government of India.

image003.png@01CF0AE53India Inc. requires nearly 12.8 million new skilled workers to join different industry verticals every year, while India’s education and vocational training system churns out a paltry 3-4 million annually.

“India Inc. is at the brink of the largest HR challenge faced by any nation. The choices we make now will define how the country fares over the next few decades. Mobilisation of skill development efforts that focus on outcomes – in terms of the employment being procured by the persons trained, and the salaries being paid for these jobs is critical for success,” explained Vivek Madhukar, COO of TBSL, which operates TimesJobs.com, a leader in recruitment solutions.

 However, in India, there are several factors that contribute to a fundamental mismatch between the education outcome and industries’ requirements, and none of these can be quickly reversed. To identify, analyse and build solutions for these skill gaps, TimesJobs.com has launched a new half-yearly publication – ‘The Skills Journal’.

image004.png@01CF0AE54The Skills Journal captures industry learning on the skills conundrum; partners with industry leaders to share their vision and collaborates with the government’s skill councils to capture their journey and future agenda.

The Skills Journal will also serve as an updated compendium of sectoral skills gap, solutions suggested by experts, best practices adopted by other corporates in the industry, and most importantly, the steps that relevant government skill councils are taking – with regular updates on courses, certifications, tie-ups with training institutes and training curriculum offer.

The significance of this report may be estimated by the fact that the inaugural edition of The Skills Journal has been prefaced by Mr S Ramadorai, the Advisor to the Prime Minister of India, in the National Council for Skill Development.

image005.png@01CF0AE55inaugural edition focuses on the Automobile, BPO/ITeS, BFSI, IT/Telecom, Retail and Healthcare sectors, which are poised for maximum growth (both domestic and international) next year and will therefore, need to address their skills gap immediately.

 Each sector has its own industry skills report, which summaries the challenges and solutions that have been culled from all our industry events over the past year (with due credit to the experts who have contributed to it). The second part is a detailed interview with the Skills Council on their current and future agenda in that particular sector.

The Skills Journal joins the well-known RecruiteX Report to serve the unified purpose of decoding hiring trends in the Indian Recruitment Market. The Skills Journal further enhances the RecruiteX report, which brings perspective from industry and candidates, by adding the standpoint of the Government to this entire eco-system. The Skills Journal is the qualitative answer to the demand and supply gap highlighted by RecruiteX time and again.

The Skills Journal has been published as a limited edition hard copy but the 1st edition is also available for complimentary download.