TimesJobs’ 2014 Calendar Salutes The Different Facets Of HR

image001.png@01CF0B9C1Honoring HR Managers for their ‘Human Realization’ abilities as exemplified by renowned world leaders.


January 7, 2014:  In every organization, the HR brings to the table a multitude of qualities that help the organization scale new heights. Bringing each quality to the forefront as per the situation, they bring to light diverse facets of leadership. These qualities are highlighted in the TimesJobs’ 2014 Calendar.

The talents that HR represents are depicted in the form of Heroes and Leaders, who exemplified these qualities and took them to the zenith of achievement. The qualities of a good HR manager are tastefully highlighted across the 12 months of the Year 2014–

1)    January is the Revolutionary – HR managers are Change agents, they have the ability to inspire radical shifts in performance and policies – a spirit that was exemplified by Ernesto “Che” Guevara.

2)    February is the Cornerstone – HR managers are “people’s persons” – Pillars of the Organisation that everybody relies on to transform a business into an empire, much like the most influential woman in the world – Oprah Winfrey.

3)    March if the Propeller – HR managers propel the organization to work in a better and more efficient manner keeping in mind the ground realities, much like Stephen Lambert, The genius behind  – Undercover Boss – the TV Show  that forced CEO’s to face ground realities and problems and bring about a change for the better.

4)    April is the Change Maker – The HR is the one implementing progressive strategies for the best interests of employees when organizations evolve for the better. Best embodied by the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi, who changed the course of our nation and helped us gain our independence.

5)    May is the Innovator – HR is the one whose innovations in different forms help foster a more productive workplace, thereby creating value where there was none. Henry Ford through his innovative assembly line mode of production changed a myth into reality and gave the world the people’s car.

6)    June is the Visionary HR  – The one who helps drive the greater vision forward through effective human resource strategies that empower the organization to achieve the insurmountable. Exemplified by the spirit of, Richard Branson who has never been afraid to go big and think ahead of the times.


7)    July is the Decision Maker – The HR makes enormous business impact by helping arrive at and implementing vital decisions at all levels. Typified by the famous British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, whose crucial decisions and wartime policies enabled the Allies to overthrow the Nazis.


8)    August is the Trail Blazer – It is the HR’s passion that can lift employees’ spirits to greater heights and inspire them to blaze new trails on the paths of success. Epitomized by Edmund Hillary who conquered Mount Everest against the sternest odds and set a trail for entire humanity to follow.


9)    September is the Game Changer – HR is the one who appreciates the value of a diverse workforce and utilizes their contribution in shaping a holistic organization. Personified by Martin Luther King who triggered the Civil Rights Movement in America, and gradually geared an entire nation towards embracing racial diversity.


10)   October is the “Brains” – HR is the one who ensures that the employees’ think-tank yields brilliant results for the organization. Exemplified by Niels Bohr, Nobel Prize winning physicist and humanitarian whose revolutionary theories on atomic structures helped shape research worldwide.


11)   November is the Challenger – HR is the one who evolves existing policies for the growth of the organization. Similar to Charles Darwin who challenged the old notions propagated by the Church, and advanced the theory of evolution.

12)   December is the Thinker – HR is the one who invariably comes up with creative solutions to problems faced by employees in the organization. Epitomized by Thomas L. Friedman, one of the greatest thinkers of our generation known for his ingenious writing on diverse issues ranging from foreign affairs to environmental concerns.


“ ‘A good craftsman leaves no traces’ – great HR people may often be overlooked by others in the organization. The TimesJobs Desktop Calendar is our tribute to these HR, who do work similar to world leaders, silently for their organization and people.” said Vivek Madhukar, the COO of TBSL, which operates. TimesJobs.com

The calendar has been created, conceptualized and designed in-house by the marketing department of TimesJobs. A limited numbers of copies have been printed to ensure exclusivity. Please contact your TimesJobs representative for your complimentary copy today!