thyssenkrupp and the United Nations stand together against LGBTI discrimination

thyssenkrupp is sending another strong signal that everyone can reach their full potential at the company – irrespective of origin, gender, religious beliefs or sexual orientation. The Essen-based industrial group has adopted the United Nations 2017 standards against the discrimination of lesbian, gay, bi, trans and intersex (LGBTI) people. This makes thyssenkrupp one of the first 100 companies worldwide to support the UN’s “Free&Equal” initiative.

“We employ 159,000 people from 79 countries. A culture of equal opportunities, mutual trust and respect is of great importance to us,” says Oliver Burkhard, CHRO of thyssenkrupp AG. “As set out in our mission statement, we are open to everyone who shares our values. We believe that diverse teams are more successful. That also benefits our business.”

Fabrice Houdart, Human Rights Officer at the United Nations Human Rights Office and co-author of the Standards, says: “We are very glad to welcome thyssenkrupp among the early supporters of the Global LGBTI Standards as a leader in its industry. It sends an extremely powerful signal to companies that have not yet started their journey to respect and promote human rights of LGBTI people.”

The United Nations business standards comprise five concrete points which have always been a matter of course for thyssenkrupp. However, as globally formulated standards they underline the responsibility that the company bears with a view to respect and tolerance – in its markets and at its locations.

1. We respect, observe and protect the rights of lesbian, gay, bi, trans and intersex people at our company and in our business relationships.
2. We do not tolerate any discrimination of LGBTI employees at work.
3. We support and encourage our LGBTI employees and create a positive working environment. As we do for all our employees.
4. We do not tolerate any discrimination of LGBTI employees at suppliers, distributors, customers or other business partners.
5. We are proud of our diversity and stand up for LGBTI people in the public sphere.

thyssenkrupp began taking steps years ago and formulated binding rules to strengthen the rights of LGBTI people at the company.

  • Since January 2016 there has been an active LGBTI network at the company which enjoys the explicit support of the Executive Board.
  • The Code of Conduct provides employees, managers and board members with a binding framework for their conduct vis-à-vis colleagues and employees.
  • thyssenkrupp particularly holds its managers to their responsibilities. They are regularly evaluated and trained on the basis of standardized competency profiles. One key competency is “inclusiveness” – whether managers are capable of recognizing and utilizing cultural or gender-specific differences.
  • The open, tolerant corporate culture at thyssenkrupp plays a key role. Employees are encouraged to address issues openly.
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