Three Questions: Sushim Banerjee, Director General, INSDAG, on the Economy the day after the Elections.

sushim10Sushim Banerjee, as DG, INSDAG, has the onerous task of improving the steel consumption of the Nation so that it can well and truly keep its tryst with economic destiny. An economist of rare insight, he has behind him a distinguished career with the steel maker of the Nation and is universally respected not only because of his keen understanding of the functioning of the economy in general and everything steel in particular, but also for his immense contribution in ensuring a tectonic shift in the per capita consumption of steel in the Nation.  His response:

Q1.      What according to you should be the top three priorities for the next Government?

A1.      According to me, the three top priority for the new Govt would be :

a.         Governance of the country

b.         Prudent Economic Policy and Management

c.         Balanced Regional Development

Q2.      When do you see India coming out of the current economic limbo?

A2.      By second half of 2014-15

Q3.      On a scale of 1 to 10, how hopeful are you that the 2014 elections will mark the beginning of the Indian Economic Resurgence?

A3.      My rating would be 7.

(We had posed Three Questions to a wide cross section of opinion leaders – academics, industrialists and those who we think are the Nation’s think-arati. Watch this space, we will bring you more.)