Three Questions: Monoranjan Roy, CMD, Pincon Spirit Limited, on the Economy the day after the Elections.

mr-pixMonoranjan Roy, CMD, Pincon Spirit Limited, the fastest growing entity in its domain, is a first generation entrepreneur, with roots in rural India. Commencing his business at a young age, he has literally traversed the entire gamut, from the nadir in the beginning to the zeniths of the present. “Every set back” he says, “has  made me analyze the mistakes that I have done, which has enabled me to create a multi hundred crore business conglomerate, headed by flagship company Pincon Spirit Limited”. His response, “without malice to anybody” as he qualifies:

Q1.      What according to you should be the top three priorities for the next Government?

A1.       (a) More thrust on infrastructure development, which shall contribute towards strengthening the GDP resulting into slowdown of inflationary bias in the economy.

(b) Calculated and practical financial exposure of Banking Sector towards SME & MSME business for micro level growth of the economy.

(c) Positive and vigourous steps towards the cause National Integration for socio-economic stability.

Q2.      When do you see India coming out of the current economic limbo?

A2.       If a steady Government is formed, it should take anywhere between 3 to 5 years for India to come out of the present economic limbo. This I feel that the fiscal lacuna that has started to surface out has yet to reach its ultimate level, which might take another year’s time and the corrective measures taken has a normal gestation period, and the duration to reach in an economical stable state shall depend on the material quantum of the set back.

Q3.      On a scale of 1 to 10, how hopeful are you that the 2014 elections will mark the beginning of the Indian Economic Resurgence?

A3.       6.50.

(We had posed Three Questions to a wide cross section of opinion leaders – academics, industrialists and those who we think are the Nation’s think-arati. Watch this space, we will bring you more.)