Three Questions: D.K. Ojha, Chairman, Global Coke, on the Economy the day after the Elections.

dkojhaDevendra Kumar Ojha, a professional turned entrepreneur, is the CMD of Global Coke Limited apart from having substantial interests in international trading, amusement and the realty sectors responds:

Q1. What according to you should be the top three priorities for the next Government?

A: Top priorities

1. Population control by enforcing “one child policy” for next 20years.
2. All round Infrastructure development.
3. Friendly diplomacy with neighboring countries.

Q2. When do you see India coming out of the current economic limbo?

A2. 2015 provided Sri Narendra Modi becomes prime minister of India with 272+ seats.

Q3. On a scale of 1 to 10, how hopeful are you that the 2014 elections will mark the beginning of the Indian Economic Resurgence?

A3. 2 (subject to Modi on hot seat)

We had posed Three Questions to a wide cross section of opinion leaders – academics, industrialists and those who we think are the Nation’s think-arati. Watch this space, we will bring you more.