This Mother’s Day, JOHNSON’S® collects emotion-stirring stories from 628 mothers from Kolkata on an exclusive platform provided to them

The landmark baby care brand Johnson’s Baby celebrates 125 Years of Baby Care by engaging with 7,62,382 mothers pan India within the short span of 2 months across various social media platforms.


Leading baby care expert, JOHNSON’S® celebrates 125 years of providing and enhancing baby care across the globe through its most-loved products. The brand dedicated this year to engaging with and listening to mothers who have shown their unwavering trust and love in the brand. As a run down to Mother’s Day, JOHNSON’S® reached out to millions of mothers across the country to hear their experience of always providing the best of baby care, and received 24,000 heartwarming stories through calls and their social media platforms in just 2 months. These calls came from across all generations of mothers with only one goal uniting them all, wanting ‘Best for Baby’.

In India, JOHNSON’S® Baby is the most preferred  in the baby care category with most doctors in India using Johnson’s for their own babies. The pioneering science and research that goes into the products are pivotal in leading the standards in baby care around the world.

The most beloved baby care brand received a total of 1302 calls from mothers across West Bengal. Out of the total calls, there were many touching stories by mothers that reinforced the brand’s connect emotionally.

A humbling number of 628 mothers from Kolkata shared their best for baby care stories and showed their undying support and love for the brand while sharing precious moments with their babies and reminiscing their own childhood.

Most of the mothers spoke of how the products have been synonymous with their own childhoods along with now being part of their baby’s routine. While some mothers only knew after trial and error some were sure from the start that Johnson’s was indeed “best for baby”. The Johnson’s baby smell had become the smell of babies all across generations and would be followed further on through more to come. Every single mom took this opportunity to thank Johnson’s for being an unwavering support in their journey.

“Our age old tradition of listening to moms and healthcare professionals along with experts has empowered us to understand and innovate to benchmark industry standards.  On this journey of 125 years, we are proud to have evolved with mothers and their evolving needs to do what is best for their baby. As a part of this campaign, we have engaged with over 25000 mothers to hear what their best baby care story is. Like parents, we are never satisfied with “good enough” and hence we will strive to do what is best for the baby each day.” – Dimple Sidhar, Vice President — Marketing, Consumer Products Division, Johnson & Johnson India.

This is another testimony to the trust and love that the brand enjoys in India where a record-breaking number of 25000 Indian mother-baby stories have been collected in a period of just 2 months.



Johnson’s® is one of the leading brands in the baby care category with its Clinically Proven Mild products trusted by mothers and recommended by doctors for over 120 years. This heritage of trust is built upon a deep understanding of what it takes to keep the baby’s delicate skin healthy, making Johnson’s® Baby one of the most beloved brands amongst mothers in India. Going beyond safe, mild and gentle products, the brand believes in enriching baby care rituals that unlock and release the full power of the senses. Nothing is more important to JOHNSON’S® than ensuring a stimulating start and a vibrant future for babies around the world and empowering families and health care professionals. Because JOHNSON’S® knows, when it comes to bringing up baby, more is more. As an expert on baby care, JOHNSON’S® has been advancing baby science and setting the standards in baby care. JOHNSON’S® offers baby and adult products in over 175 countries.

Dating as far back as 1888, when the first commercial First Aid Kits were made to meet need of treating injured railroad workers, and thus they began making First Aid Kits for every need including babies. In 1904, the company had pioneered an earlier version of disposable diaper and then the Chux design (1935), which more closely resembles the modern diapers sold today.1921, saw the rise of the first “Baby Gift Box” that contained small packages of their key products. They continued to thrive in invention and setting trends globally. With the help of prominent obstetricians they produced maternity kits that contained everything a doctor would need to ensure a safe delivery and were the very first to introduce this concept. Before the days of disposable diapers – it was Johnson’s baby powder, that was the only product available to keep babies dry, cool and comfortable and managed to create a league of its own. The ‘NoMoreTears’ concept which came after scrutinized study and research, was trademarked by the company in 1959.Johnson & Johnson has also sponsored the “1st European Round Table meeting on ‘Best Practice for Infant Cleansing” (a panel of expert dermatologists and pediatricians from across Europe) in 2007 that focused on the use of liquid cleansers in bathing as opposed to washing with water.


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