The very last Saab to leave the factory is to be offered on Bilweb Auctions’ digital auction platform in October.

The proceeds will benefit research within sustainable mobility.

In June earlier this year, initial news of the auction was released at the Saab Car Museum Festival in Trollhättan, Sweden, which created a major buzz among Saab fans worldwide. Now it is announced that the last Saab will be auctioned via Bilweb Auctions in October.

In addition to getting ownership of the coveted last new Saab, the buyer will be invited to an exclusive visit to the NEVS factory, including the electric car company’s development labs and technical departments. The day ends with a full tour of the very rare collection of cars in the Saab Museum. Hotel and lunch are included in the experience.

The proceeds of the auction will be donated to The NEVS Sustainable Mobility Scholarship. A fund set up by NEVS to promote research within sharing economy and smart mobility acceptance at University West in Sweden.

The fund will be awarded to individuals making significant efforts to pave the way for future mobility solutions – ranging from electric car technologies and sharing economies to initiatives for self-driving cars.

“I’m pleased that the very last petrol-driven car from Saab will contribute to the transition to more sustainable transportation”, says Stefan Tilk, Vice President, NEVS.

“It is exciting that this collaboration with NEVS is happening. University West in Trollhättan prioritizes the work with Agenda 2030 and is always trying to maximize our community impact with focus on sustainability. This initiative is right on target”, says Martin Hellström, principal, University West.

The story behind the last new Saab

Initially, the production of Saab was halted in 2011. But between 2013 and 2014, electric car company NEVS – the buyer of the bankrupt Swedish automaker – relaunched production in the original Saab factory. The last batch of cars comprised of 420 Saab 9-3Aeros.

The car now being auctioned out is a Saab 9-3 MY14 Silver 2.0T Automaticwith only approximately 40 miles on the odometer. It was set aside from the production line to undergo a development test that was never carried out. Subsequently, it was used as a reference vehicle during the limited production run.

When production stopped in May 2014 the car was parked in the NEVS factory, in the event that petrol car production might resume. So, while all other Saab 9-3 were sold to customers in different installments, this reference car remained untouched for almost 5 years.

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Facts: The last new Saab

Production year:        2013

Model:                         Saab 9-3 MY14

Condition:                   Unused

Number of seats:       5, beige leather, dark details

Exterior color:           “Diamond Silver”

Motor:                         2,0 Turbo4, hp 220

Transmission:            Automatic

Fuel type:                    Petrol

Mileage:                      approx. 70 km

CO2:                             200 g/km

Chassis number:        YTNFD4AZXE1100257