The Shift Series in association with Diacolor presented Identity- The road less travelled

New Delhi, February 25, 2016- A curated experience, “Identity : The Road Less Travelled” presented by The Shift Series in association with Diacolor explored the central idea through a mélange of experiences on February 25, 2016, Kila, Seven Style Mile, Near Qutub Minar, New Delhi. They aimed to stimulate the audience not only through the conversations with speakers but also by creating an ambience through musical performances, a silent auction of beautiful earrings by Diacolor and art installations by leading contemporary artists.

Diacolor 3 Diacolor

The event showcased speakers, artists and performers who reflected on identity from their own unique perspective of gender, caste, religion and region.  Speakers included Smile living Vidya, Karan Singh, rohan Dixit, Ruma Roka, Ameen Haque, Diya Sethi, and Rahul Pandita. They shared their life experiences through which they regenerated their identity. Through the interactions, they aimed to inspire their target audience, which included women from an expansive array of social and professional fields, who are lifelong learners, seeking to explore their identity and change mindsets in a rapidly evolving society.

The event was attended by -: Princess Mriganka Singh of Jammu and Kashmir (also the brand ambassador of Diacolor), Princess Usha Raje, Begam Yaseen of Rampur, Princess Archana Kumari, Designer Adil Ahmed, Aparajit Jain, Mrs. Tara Bray ( wife of UN Ambassador), Princess Bijou Singh, Anchor Ambica Anand to name a few.

Princess Mriganka

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