The 9th edition of BEIRUT ART FAIR: 53 art galleries from 20 countries, exhibiting 250 artists with more than 1,600 artworks, and more than 9,500 VIPs

The 9th edition of BEIRUT ART FAIR was inaugurated by H.E. Mr. Saad Hariri, President of the Council of Ministers, at the Seaside Arena (formerly BIEL) accompanied by the Minister of Culture H.E. Dr. Ghattas Khoury, Laure d’Hauteville, Founder & Fair Director, Pascal Odille, Artistic Director, Marine Bougaran, Projects Manager, as well as officials, ambassadors from participating countries and a large number of business personalities.

During the opening ceremony, the Prime Minister thanked Laure d’Hauteville for her persistence and commitment, with BEIRUT ART FAIR thus contributing to make Lebanon shine on an international level. “Through such initiatives, I wish Beirut to always be the world capital of art and creativity,” he said.


Laure d’Hauteville said: “With this 9th edition, BEIRUT ART FAIR is strengthening its position as a unique platform in the Middle East to reveal the art of the region to the international scene. As an indicator of its continued success, along with 31 return galleries, the fair welcomes 22 new exhibitors for the first time. The fair also features two important exhibitions: “ACROSS BOUNDARIES“, the fair’s flagship exhibition, a FOCUS on modern and contemporary Lebanese photography, from 1900 to the present day; and LEBANON MODERN! A TRIBUTE TO PAUL GUIRAGOSSIAN who honors the most famous artist of Lebanese modernity. We are proud to say that BEIRUT ART FAIR 2018, with an increased space, a more selective approach and a scenographic “mise en abyme” setting, marks an evolution of its identity as a place of freedom and discovery.

Exhibited Galleries

The classic section of the fair presents 53 Lebanese, Arab and International Galleries

392rmeil393 (Lebanon) / A&V Art Gallery (Belarus) / Agial Art Gallery (Lebanon) / Aida Cherfan Fine Art (Lebanon) / Alwane Saifi (Lebanon) / Aramé Art Gallery (Armenia) / ARTLAB (Lebanon) / Artual Gallery (Ivory Coast) / Atelier Relief (Belgium) / Bel-Air Fine Art (France, Switzerland, Italy, Lebanon) / CUB Gallery (Lebanon) / Dominique Fiat (France) / EMMAGOSS (Lebanon) / Founoun Gallery (Egypt) / Galerie épreuve d’artiste (Art Forum) (Lebanon) / Galerie Marie Jaouen (France) / Galerie Céline Moine (France) / Galerie Vanessa Quang (France) / Galerie Rochane (Lebanon) / Galerie Janine Rubeiz (Lebanon) / Galerie Cheriff Tabet (Lebanon) / Galerie Tanit (Lebanon) / Gallery Misr (Egypt) / GD Gallery (France) / Gowen Contemporary (Switzerland) / Hamazkayin «Lucy Tutunjian» Art Gallery (Lebanon) / In Situ-Fabienne Leclerc (France) / Jin Fine Art (Taiwan) / Karim Francis Contemporary Art Gallery (Egypt) / LAS Lebanese Autism Society (Lebanon) / L&B Contemporary Art (Spain) / Lefebvre et Fils (France) / Letitia Gallery (Lebanon) / Loft Art Gallery (Morocco) / M. Square Gallery (Lebanon) / Marfa’Gallery (Lebanon) / Mark Hachem (Lebanon, France, United-States) / Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art (Egypt) / Mazel Galerie (Belgium, Singapore) / Mundus Imaginalis (Switzerland) / Myriam Bouagal Galerie (France) / Picasso Art Gallery (Egypt) / Samer Kozah Gallery (Syria) / Short Stories by daddy G’ (Senegal) / South Border Gallery (Lebanon) / Sud Gallery (France) / TAFETA (United-Kingdom) / Twelve Gates Arts (United-States) / Voodart Gallery (Cameroon) / Wadi Finan Fine Arts (Jordan) / Wild Projects (France) / YenakArt Gallery (Thailand) / Zawyeh Gallery (Palestine)