First of its kind in India

thatspersonalNov 18-2014- Compared to the abroad, where sex toys are a big industry, Indians are more staid, but not boring, and are developing a taste for the exotic like handcuffs, edible bras and body paints, delaying gels and adult card games, to add some zest to their love lives, according to a survey.

The survey by the adult sex products website is based on sales over 18 months, and gives an insight into which regions in India consume more products, and what.

There are also nuggets of information about the sexual preferences of individuals, including women.

According to the survey, women in Baroda consume more adult products like adult card games than any other city in the country; men in Hyderabad prefer the kinky stuff, with handcuffs a big draw. Women in South India love massaging oils and men delaying gels for a more intimate experience. The preferred choice of men in North India: edible bras; men in Chennai love edible body paints in contrast. The most popular role play dress is that of a waitress.

According to the sales of the website, the Western region, with Maharashtra and Gujarat contributing the most in sales, top overall sales, at 36 percent. Next comes the Southern region, with 31 percent – with a highlight being that men in Kerala buy latex free condoms the most in the country, and women in Bengaluru, like their peers in Kerala, love massaging oils too. The Northern region is next in overall sales at 21 percent, but is pointed out as being the fastest growing market. The East of India lags behind considerably at only 7 percent of the total sales.

The survey has the age group of 25-34 as the top buyers, with condoms, lubricants, and shaving cream leading the pack of products in demand.According to the research, Western India loves pleasure products as they account for the most number of total sales, at 36 percent and East India is the most conservative with  only 7 percent sales.

North India lags slightly behind at 21 percent whereas the South market comprises a large chunk of their market share accounting for 31 percent of total sales.

Assuming they have enough of oil, the survey found Kerala buys more of latex free condoms.Hyderabad men are kinky with a fetish for  handcuffs.South Indian women prefers delaying gels so that the sex lasts longer.

Surprising… or not 

The research  shows it is men who keep coming back for more  with them being the higher spenders and surfers for sex toys than women. But, what was surprising is that, a tier 2 city like Baroda has the maximum women buyers!

Who are the active buyers?

The survey showed that the age groups of 25-34 are the most active buyers.

What are they buying?

Although lubricants and condoms lead overall sales, many now want to experiment with bolder toys like handcuffs, edible lingerie, adult card games (very popular at bachelorettes), edible body paint and the likes.


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