TechSoup To Bring Civil Society Voice To Davos

Global network connecting 1.2 million NGOs will advocate for the inclusion of nonprofit voices in decision-making at World Economic Forum; NGOs are “critical to achievement of UN Sustainable Development Goals.”

SAN FRANCISCO, January 20, 2020 — TechSoup, the leading nonprofit network facilitating digital transformation for civil society organizations globally, hopes to raise awareness of the value of its network of 1.2 million NGOs at the World Economic Forum (WEF) Annual Meeting, January 21-24 in Davos, Switzerland.

TechSoup CEO Rebecca Masisak will participate on panels including “Human Rights and Technology Design” and “Frontier Technologies for Sustainable Development,” and will be on stage for the New York Times Oxford debate on Big Tech and Regulation. To ensure that NGO voices are heard long after Davos, TechSoup will also chair two working groups on civil society.

“We are committed to engaging with world leaders, expressing the voice and value of global, grassroots civil society who remain largely unrepresented in such a forum,” said Masisak. “The vital work being done by the TechSoup Global Network and those they serve deserves to be recognized and incorporated into thinking and efforts to accelerate progress toward the SDGs. We will do our best to represent the promise we see in this sector.”

“We are excited to chair the WEF Working Groups on Civil Society and The Future of Work in Civil Society and to keep engaging our global community of Partners and grassroots organizations on these critical issues over the coming year,” said Chris Worman, Vice President, Alliances and Program Development at TechSoup. Worman will chair WEF working groups and conduct meetings on these topics in South America, Asia and Europe this year. 

About TechSoup

TechSoup provides the transformative technology solutions, the digital platforms, and the in-person experiences that enable people to work together toward a more equitable world.  With 70 partner NGOs around the world, TechSoup manages the only global philanthropy program that brings together more than 100 tech companies to provide donated and affordable technology to NGOs everywhere. TechSoup’s data and validation services enable companies, foundations, and governments to connect their philanthropic resources with vetted NGOs around the world. In the past 30 years, TechSoup has reached 1.2 million NGOs and facilitated distribution of technology products and grants valued at more than $11.1 billion.