TechGig for Talent Engagement  – The Star of the Show is You!

image001.png@01D12C381TechGig’s latest talent engagement video shows how top tech talent and the best companies find their perfect match.

December 01, 2015: Top performers & companies both want to grow. The challenge, especially in knowledge-based service industries like IT – is finding the right fit. This is only possible if both the employer and employee share a synergy of purpose – Interest and Aptitude. The employee should be interested in working for the company and his aptitude should match the employer’s requirement.

Using the example of Samir, a tech professional with excellent coding skills and Riya, an HR Manager at an IT firm – the TechGig for Talent Engagement Video shows the problems they have in reaching their professional objectives, and how TechGig is able to help them accomplish their goals.


Samir embodies a modern IT professional who wants to work with top companies to augment his career growth. But he understands there are many other tech professionals who claim to be equally proficient in coding.

Samir wonders:

  • How can he stand out amongst his peer group?
  • Which are the Top Companies in his domain?
  • How can he engage with them?

Meanwhile, Riya, is a typical HR Manager, always chasing tight deadlines to close business critical technology roles. She shares several profiles with the project leads. But most get rejected. What’s worse?  In the few cases the project leads give a go ahead, the candidates are unwilling to apply.

Riya wonders:

  • Can she have an objective measure to shortlist only the best tech talent, improving conversions and reducing turnaround time?
  • How can she showcase her company as a Top Employer, attracting the best technology talent?

Enter TechGig!

TechGig has the solution to the problems of IT professionals like Samir and HR Professionals like Riya – Tech Quotient, or TQ, is a measure that helps professionals showcase their tech prowess. Companies can use TQ to identify the best tech talent.

Samir starts building his TQ by participating in coding contests and taking skill tests. He achieves a Tech Quotient of 99.5 percentile! And is among the top tech talent on TechGig.


Riya easily identifies Sameer based on his TQ. She engages him by showcasing her company as a Top Employer by conducting webinars with domain experts, coding contests, skill tests, and through videos, blogs and news.

So, TechGig is able to successfully enable the growth of both Sameer and Riya!

“The focal purpose of this video is to encourage IT professionals along the AIDA Model; to create Awareness, Interest, Desire, and then to engage in the Action on We want to get more IT professionals to participate in TechGig’s Skill Tests, Coding Contests, etc., to develop their TQ and accelerate their career growth.” explains Vikas Verma, who heads marketing for 

While we have been very successful in engaging with top tech talent with 22.5 lakh registered users, 8.5 lakh plus ranked developers and 22 lakh plus code submissions. There are still thousands more who have yet not experienced TechGig, and we wish to invite them to try our platform.” adds Verma.

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TechGig is India’s foremost technology specific career platform exclusively for IT professionals. showcases and benchmarks candidates’ technical proficiency and facilitates them to stand out amongst their peer group, it also helps them to identify and engage with the top IT companies in their domain.

For companies, provides an objective measure to shortlist only the best tech talent, improving conversions and reducing turnaround time. further provides employers an unparalleled platform to demonstrate and exhibit their company as a Top Employer to attract the best technology talent.

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