Take note – Wacom’s Bamboo Paper becomes the most successful multi-platform note-taking app

wacomJust three months after its release Wacom’s Bamboo Paper is the most successful multi-platform note taking app worldwide, with 7 million users downloading the app either for iOS, for Android or Windows. This success demonstrates that the offering of an open multi-platform app for easy digital handwriting meets the need of many users. The same is true for digital pens: Wacom’s new smart styli for iPads already enjoy great support from many iOS apps.

Whether it’s a quick note, a simple sketch or a short message with a personal touch – handwriting on digital devices is becoming increasingly popular. Sales of tablets and smartphones continue to grow, as do apps and pens that allow for handwritten notes on digital devices.

  • Wacom introduced its Bamboo Paper App on all major operating systems in July. It supports pressure sensitive pens, palm rejection, short cut buttons and the recently launched smartpens; Bamboo Stylus fineline and Intuos Creative Stylus 2. Both pens have been designed for writing and sketching on the iPad. Similar to a pencil both pens react to the pressure applied with creating thicker or thinner lines.

For more than thirty years Wacom has developed digital pens and supports the idea of writing, sketching, drawing or painting on graphic tablets and interactive displays for a more creative life. The aim is always to provide the user with precision and a smooth experience in different surroundings. Consequently Wacom does not only develop its own styli and native apps for the iPad, it also supports all interested software vendors with developer kits.

“The more iOS apps that support our Bamboo Stylus fineline and the Intuos Creative Stylus 2, the better”, Mike Gay, Global Head of Wacom Consumer Business, points out. Mike continues, “At Wacom we take pride in the fact that nearly all major players in that business have already decided to have their apps support the Wacom pens. Already many of the most popular apps like SketchBook, ArtRage, Noteshelf, Notes Plus and Pixelmator support our products. Now that Adobe has announced that its new iOS apps support Wacom pen technology, we feel that writing or sketching pen-on-screen develops into a normal part of being creative and bringing ideas to life in the digital age.”

Supporting Apps
The latest versions of the following apps now support the interactive and pressure sensitive features of the Bamboo fineline and Intuos Creative Stylus 2:


Intuos Creative Stylus 2 Pressure Palm Rejection Shortcut Buttons
Bamboo Paper Yes Yes Yes
ArtRage Yes    
Autodesk® SketchBook® Yes Yes Yes
Concepts Yes   Yes
Pixelmator Yes   Yes
Tayasui Sketches Yes   Yes
Zen Brush Yes Yes Yes
ZoomNotes Yes Yes Yes