Sustainable Energy Key to the Success of Smart Cities

ieemaBangalore. January 16, 2015. The Indian Electrical & Electronics Manufactures’ Association (IEEMA) and three IEEE societies will co-host INTELECT, the conference and exposition on the efficient consumption of electricity from January 22 – 24, 2015 at the Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC)in Mumbai, India. A key focus of the event is using sustainable energy to fulfill the energy requirements of smart cities.


Cities around the world today face a number of challenges in a very dynamic transacting environment. Governments and local administrations must manage a rapidly burgeoning population, placing increasing demands on energy with decreasing or static budgets, all within the stringent requirements of local and environmental regulations.

Cities and towns will be required to design intelligent and intuitive energy networks to ensure that they can be analyzed and monitored in an effective manner, leaving very little room for error and wastage. Efficient networks will be needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, constantly improving energy and fuel utilization and the smart management of the impact on climate change.

Mr. Patrick Ryan, Executive Director, IEEE Power & Energy Society, said. “A planned and systematic method of setting short, mid and long-term goals is what is required for a city to dramatically make advances in their energy and sustainability initiatives and at the same time ensure efficiency, protection, and an improved quality of life for its citizens.”

Mr. Babu Babel, Vice President, IEEEMA, said, “The clock is ticking fast on our natural resources. In this scenario, it is imperative that we are careful in the utilization and recycling of resources. We must ensure foolproof systems to monitor and regulate the deployment of resources in our respective habitats.”

Creating systems that enable cities or towns to manage their buildings, infrastructure, and systems is needed for prosperity. It is important to integrate operating systems and IT to allow the real-time monitoring of energy delivery with actionable data and results.



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