Strava Introduces Athlete Posts, a New Way to Create and Share Content Beyond Activities

SAN FRANCISCO – May 2, 2017 – Strava unveils athlete posts, a way to create and share content on the social network for athletes. 36 Strava athletes from around the world will now have the ability to post stories, photos, questions, gear tips, race reports, recommendations and workouts – all kinds of content in addition to shared activities. They include some of the most interesting athletes in the Strava community such as Kelly Roberts, Lauren Fleshman, and James Lawrence. It’s another step towards Strava becoming the place where athletes can have everything they love about their sport in one app.

“Strava is a place where athletes come to connect with each other, share their experiences and learn from one another,” says Aaron Forth, Chief Product Officer at Strava. “And until now, those connections have been based entirely on athletic activities. Our opportunity is to help athletes have conversations beyond their daily activities, sharing everything from favorite gear, to injury recovery tips, to travel recommendations. To open up those conversations, we are introducing the ability for members to post new types of content. Ultimately, when you want to engage with friends who share your passion for all things running, cycling, swimming, hiking, or any other sport, Strava is the place to do it.”

View the full list of athletes and follow each of them here. These athletes are known for going on big adventures and telling great stories and they’ll show the Strava community a plethora of cool ways to use athlete posts.

“Strava is the ideal place for athletic storytelling and resource sharing among like-minded people,” said Lauren Fleshman, professional runner, coach and entrepreneur. “My sporty friends are hard to keep up with socially, and I’m looking forward to Strava being the place I binge on the sporting life. I’m especially excited to share a mixture of snippets into my post-retirement, evolving athletic life, and revive some of my most honest and relevant written pieces from the past that can serve the goal-oriented athletic community.”

“I’ve been using Strava for years to share and keep track of my activities and Ironman training,” said James “The IronCowboy” Lawrence. “The thing I enjoy most about Strava is that I can interact with like-minded people who are just as passionate about the same topics that I am. It’s something unique to Strava that you don’t get on other social networks, and it’s what keeps me coming back day after day. I’m really excited to be one of the first athletes who can share content beyond my daily training, and am looking forward to giving a more in-depth look at my adventures and even offer some fun training tips.”

Athlete posts will be available to the entire Strava community later this summer, giving athletes the freedom to share more about their active lives, and for the first time, enjoy a variety of athletic content from the people they follow. Athletes will soon have a comprehensive home for the content they love most: one place to learn more about other athletes, get inspired by each other’s posts, share useful tips and articles and discuss relevant topics with other athletes.

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