How StockEdge is making financial market Analytics easy!!

Equity Investments are slated to grow and investors are becoming more knowledge savvy. However most people still invest or trade based on tips, recommendations or half-baked information they hear around them.

StockEdge is a recently launched financial market Analytics app that helps you “Do your own Research”. It provides a one-stop solution for everything that an investor or trader seeks to know about any of the 5000+ stocks listed in the Indian Equity Markets.

StockEdge has become India’s most-downloaded financial market Analytics App with almost 2,00,000 downloads. It has been strongly rated by its users at 4.7 out of 5 on the Play Store.


The Beginning….

Vivek Bajaj, an IIM Graduate having extensive experience in Indian Markets as a trader and Investor for over 15 years has been constantly adopting new technologies for the in-house traders in his family-run prop desk. He conceptualized a mobile application that could help his traders get information at their fingertips. This idea was carved into reality by his childhood friend, Vinay Pagaria who he says is a unique blend of finance and technology. Vinay, a Chartered Accountant by qualification is extremely passionate about mathematics and technology.

After a few months of prototyping, the idea started taking some shape and the primary users began sharing their reviews. Vinay says, “Our initial users gave us such overwhelming response that we suddenly sensed that this tool had the potential to become a full fledged mass product and we should immediately release it to public as well.” It was then officially launched on May 6th 2016 on both Play store and App Store as StockEdge.


What Steered the Change?

The product was then redefined to make it more relevant to the larger population. “Constant five star ratings and overwhelming feedback from users motivated us to launch 8 versions in 10 months”, says Vinay.

“As the feedbacks kept pouring in, we realized that most people also lacked the basic concepts that are required to interpret the information that we were providing. In our quest to change the entire dynamics of this behavior, we have now tightly integrated knowledge content across the App.”, he adds. 

It is now evolving continuously with the prime objective of empowering Investors, Traders, Analysts and Students by providing them easy access to extremely powerful analytics, presented in very lucid form.

Connecting the Dots

StockEdge had spread organically merely by word of mouth to 50000 users in four months of its launch. To spread the word in the quickest possible time to the right audience, Vivek and Vinay added the missing V to their StockEdge dream. Vineet Patawari, another IIM Indore alumnus and Chartered Accountant, who has over 8 years of rich experience in the domain of education and passion for digital marketing, has taken it upon himself to take the growth of StockEdge to an altogether different trajectory.

The three co-founders bring distinct yet complementing expertise to StockEdge. While Vinay is the technical brain and spearheads the product development, Vineet, with his proficiency in digital marketing, leads the business development. Vivek, with his domain knowledge in financial markets, continues to envision the road ahead for StockEdge.




How StockEdge makes your life Simpler


The App is based on the premise that if a user can devote 10 to 15 minutes each day after the market is over, or before the market begins, to track his/her stocks and look at fresh ideas based on multiple parameters, then the user can become a more knowledge-driven trader / investor.


To achieve the above objective, the App is loaded with many unique features like:


  • FII/DII section, where current and historical behavior of Foreign Institutional Investors (FII) and Domestic Institutional Investors (DII) can be tracked and analysed for both the cash and derivative segments. The entire analytics is presented in a visually pleasing form to aid instant comprehension.


  • Scans: Through this innovative tool, any user can, at the click of a button, identify multiple opportunities in the market. The scan section consists of over 100 powerful algorithms that identify stocks based on various parameters. It covers simple yet essential methodologies that track price movement, delivery and volume statistics, open interest positions and also complex algorithms that detect candlestick patterns.


  • Users can create multiple portfolios using MyWatchlist Each Market Watch can be based on name of sectors, themes, geographies or even individuals. It helps users track the percentage return since the day the share was added to their watchlist.


  • Tracking what Big Indian Investors are doing has been a burning desire of all the traders and investors in the share market. Through the MyInvestorGroup feature, one can create Investor groups and capture multiple names/entities associated with a single investor and get access to the consolidated deals, insider activities and shareholding pattern.


  • Sectors and Stocks: The App gives extensive information about all sectors, sub sectors and stocks for quick evaluation that covers corporate information, news, fundamental as well technical details.


What makes it different?

“What differentiates us from our competitors is our Analytics and simplicity with which the data is shown to the world. Whereas, currently the available analytics tools like Bloomberg or Reuters are very expensive and mostly unaffordable for the general investors, our current analytics platform is easily available to everyone free of cost. We also intend to launch advanced features soon which will be made available at very reasonable cost”, says Vivek.

“StockEdge does not promote intraday trading. Rather it is a part of our vision of making Indian retail aware about the opportunities available for creating wealth in Indian Equity Markets.”, he adds.

Challenges on the way

Vivek says, “The biggest challenge which we face is that we strive to provide accurate data to our users which is big challenge keeping in mind the billions of data points we have to deal with.

Like with all startups, another major challenge we face is to get the right talent without spending a fortune. We are fortunate to have a young and budding team that is passionately working to realize this dream. We are currently in the process of building a stronger team that can help us establish StockEdge as the best analytics app in India.”


An Opportunity to Grab the Edge!

StockEdge is more than just an app. It’s the key to your Financial Dream. Statistics reveal that as many as 2.4 million new accounts were opened in 2016, highest since 2008, out of which around 30% are active, one major reason being people lose money in their initial trades which is often based on ready tips and target.

StockEdge seeks to aid the participation of newer participants in the market.

In India, less than 1 percent of the population invests in stocks either directly or through mutual funds. With growing interest in financial markets, this number is set to grow manifold. So the market is huge and what people need is the right opportunity and innovative ideas like StockEdge will only help investors to change the way they think and take decisions.

Its time you grabbed the “Edge” via StockEdge!!

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