SteelAsia Manufacturing Corporation places order with SMS group for the supply of a small section mill

Small section mill for the Philippines

The Philippine company, SteelAsia Manufacturing Corporation, has placed an order with SMS group ( for the supply of a new small section mill. The mill, which will be designed for an annual capacity of 500,000 tons, will be the SteelAsia’s seventh rolling mill. It will be built at the Phoenix Petroterminal Industrial Park in the Municipality of Calaca, Province of Batangas. The plant is scheduled to go into operation in 2018.

From left to right: David Maurizio, Area Manager Sales, SMS group S.p.A.; Flavio Tremonti, Head of Financing & Contracting Department, SMS group S.p.A.; Thomas Massmann, Head of Technical Sales Bar & Wire Rod Mills, SMS group GmbH; Benjamin O. Yao, CEO, SteelAsia; Jun Wang, Head of Project and Engineering Department, SteelAsia; Ryan John F. Bernabe, Vice President, SteelAsia.

The small section mill will be laid out for a production rate of 100 tons per hour of a very wide range of products. In addition to I-beams, H-beams, equal-sided angles and U-beams, it will also be possible to produce various bars, flats and squares. This flexibility is achieved by 18 housingless stands in horizontal, vertical, convertible and universal configuration. An in-line quenching and tempering line will allow high-strength grades to be produced.

The 90-meter-long cooling bed will be equipped with a water spraying system for improved cooling of the sections. Downline of the cooling bed, a multi-roller straightener will be arranged. A cold shear, two cold saws, two finishing sections, each equipped with a bar bundler, a magnetic stacking machine and four tying machines for up to seven ties will complete the plant.

The new rolling mill line will be supplied with fully integrated automation. “We decided in favor of SMS group because they proposed the best technical solution. Furthermore, SMS group’s vast experience in the design and manufacturing of section mills was a crucial aspect,” says Benjamin O. Yao, CEO of SteelAsia.

SteelAsia Manufacturing Corporation is the largest producer of rebar in the South East Asian Region. The company’s six rolling mills at different locations spread all over the Philippines have a total capacity of 2.3 million tons per year. Around 50 percent of all steel bars employed in the country are produced by SteelAsia. More than 80 percent of the demand for steel bar used in the country’s land, air, sea, electricity and communication infrastructure is supplied by SteelAsia.