Stay Uncle’s Latest Ad for LGBTQ Goes Viral

~Stay Uncle launched same sex friendly hotels to salute the LGBTQ community~

New Delhi, 10 October 2018:  Stay Uncle (, a leading hotel booking website in India launched a unique marketing campaign to address the problem of hotel booking for the LGBTQ community. To reach out to the masses and spread awareness about the problem StayUncle created an AD, which showcased a gay couple walking into a hotel to book a room, and how people around judge them.  Stay Uncle raised a question to most of the Indian Brands about their stance on the rights of the LGBTQ community.

Stay Uncle’s unique initiative was not limited to releasing an online Ad but their unique marketing tactic pulled in a lot of brands to come out and speak on the rights of the LGBTQ community, though most of them were silent.

Brands celebrated scrapping of article 377 with a lot of enthusiasm but it is now that we can actually see something happening on-ground.

Twitteratis picked up this unique initiative and in return they also started asking questions to different brands on the ongoing topic.

Stay Uncle’s Co-Founder and CMO, Blaze Arizanov said “We all had opinions while the article 377 made an exit, but we at Stay Uncle took this a little more seriously and introduced same sex friendly hotels for the LGBTQ community. The idea of the entire campaign was to launch the Ad in a unique way so that most of the brands come out in full support for the community not just limited to having opinions but deeds too”

The campaign was planned and executed by Buzzoka , India’s leading Influencer Marketing Company. Ashutosh Harbola, CEO, Buzzoka said “ It is always a pleasure to work with Stay Uncle and the team as their initiatives are path breaking and allows us to justify our creative flair as an organization.”

Stay Uncle has been a disruptor in the marketing sphere with bringing out of the box marketing ideas for launching their products. One of their previous campaigns, which had a Fake Online Website ( to book girls online, went viral and gave a very strong message to the users.

The entire campaign went viral on Twitter and saw over 15,000 conversations floating with a reach of over 20 Million.