A start-up with an idea of physical rehabilitation at the doorstep


Gurgaon, 10th April 17: With every three out of 1000 children in Haryana suffering from some form of neurological disorder, the matter needs serious attention. According to World Health Organization (WHO) estimates, 10% of the global population suffer from some form of disability; in India, it is 3.8% of the population. Nearly 15-20% of the total physically handicapped children suffer from Cerebral Palsy (CP). In Haryana alone, stroke is one of the leading causes of death and disability.

According to an international expert in matters of rehabilitation of the disabled, Dr. Mansoor Alam, “The prevalence of Pediatric Strokes is very high in India. There are 4-6 children out of 1000 children in India who has cerebral palsy. Unfortunately, the number of adult strokes is higher than the pediatric strokes. Spasticity is one of the major concerns in all types of strokes.” Alam is pioneering a start-up with a unique concept where complete rehabilitation of the patients is taken care under one roof — Delmira Rehabilitation Services.

At a panel discussion on rehabilitation of the physically handicapped, Dr. Sumit Singh, consultant neurologist, Artemis Hospital highlighted the role of rehabilitation and drugs in management of adult spasticity where as Dr. Anshu Rohatgi, consultant neurologist, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital threw light on spasticity management in paediatrics and Dr. Vipul Shandilya, Medical Director of Delmira Rehabilitation Services also demonstrated a live injection procedure and answered questions from audience.

Even though India is a leading generic drugs producer, commonly used secondary prevention drugs are beyond the reach of many. By providing consistent treatment and ensuring regular monitoring, Delmira Rehabilitation Services cuts medical treatment costs by about 30%. Quality rehabilitation services are a boon for needy patients. However, the rehabilitation services are largely unorganized in India, run by amateurs who have limited expertise and thus lack holistic approach to cure disorders.

By working closely with doctors and physicians, Delmira Rehabilitation Services ensures precise design of customised rehabilitation pattern for its patient helps in achieving positive outcomes at an affordable cost. The services are also available at doorstep for infants and aged.

The start-up provides solution for plethora of disorders ranging from Autism, Bells Palsy, Back Pain, Frozen Shoulder, Cerebral Palsy and the like. By empanelling leading neurologists, spine surgeons and orthopaedics on its board, they ensure that the patient is under regular care of experts. To ensure that its professionals on its board are regularly abreast of latest technology, the start-up recently launched a skill transfer program bringing 35 specialist doctors like neurologists, physiotherapists, and rehabilitation experts together on one platform.

“We have plans to give rehabilitation services a different shape and outlook which would be more systematic and organized, the same would be more transparent, lucrative, affordable, scientific, predictable, approachable as well as digitalized for both our patients and associated consultants. The same would reduce the overall management cost by 30%,” said Ametesh Khare, Executive Director, Delmira Rehabilitation Services.

Delmira Rehabilitation Services have plans to open six centres in Delhi-NCR by this financial year, Delmira Rehabilitation Services aims for a pan-India presence by 2019.