Mumbai, 22nd April 2016: Apart from being Asia’s premier distance running event, the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon (SCMM) is also the frontrunner in charity. The charity drive associated with the event has continually raised substantial amounts and has yet again shattered records. The 13th edition of the event raised INR 28.14 crores for charity in aid of multiple causes through the efforts of the Philanthropy Partner United Way Mumbai.


Over 286 NGOs, 157 Corporates, along with 266 teams and thousands of individual donors and fundraisers came forward to support a host of social causes including Education, Disability, Health Care, Women Empowerment, Children, Animal Welfare & Environment, Livelihood, Social, Civic & Community Development, Art, Elderly, Gender among others.

Since its inception, cumulatively SCMM has raised a laudable amount of INR 162.64 crores making it one of India’s largest charity drives of any sport.

The Charity Awards Night was graced by His Excellency, the Hon’ble Governor of Maharashtra

Shri Ch. Vidyasagar Rao, John Abraham, Face of the event along with sponsors and partners.


Commenting on this mammoth effort, Jayanti Shukla, Executive Director, United Way Mumbai, said, “United Way Mumbai has been the philanthropy partner for SCMM for the past eight years, helping transform countless lives through the support we receive from our corporates, NGO and individual supporters. The 2016 version of the Mumbai Marathon saw the creation of our newest category of ‘Young Leaders’, encouraging our ever growing and enthusiastic youth population to become more deeply involved. My thanks go to all the fundraisers who have contributed to a positive change this year. Watching the growth in involvement from all those who play their part in the SCMM is a sure sign of a happier and brighter future.”

The 2016 edition of the event has truly represented the mantra – Giving has no finish line! Today NGOs, corporate entities, and individuals are the triumvirates of transformational change, who continually propel the positive social action.

  • With an aim to encourage young philanthropist and instill the act of giving from an early age, Younger Leaders as a category was introduced. Over 100 young leaders below the age of 21  years  raised INR 1.32 crores for their respective NGOs.
  • The torch bearers of social change are the Change Icons – Husband-wife duo Sankara Raman & Ramani Sankara Raman, Dharmesh Jain, Villy Doctor and Anand Mahindra who have collectively raised INR 3,00,60,421 for four NGOs.
  • The top three NGOs Shrimad Rajchandra Love and Care, Care Foundation and Isha Foundation have raised INR 5,86,70,764
  • 139 Change Runners raised INR 7,98,66,912- for 65 NGOs.


In his concluding remarks, Vivek B Singh, Joint MD of Procam International, said, “There has been a noteworthy increase in the contributions made towards charity from the previous year. It wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the young fundraisers, various NGO’s and the citizens. The actions of these fundraisers will help alleviate many issues that currently affect society. We hope that with each passing year more people are involved in the charity drive and we are collectively, able to make a larger impact in our cities and states.”

The philanthropic drive associated with all Procam International distance running events have the following underlying factors which have contributed to the success of this platform. Since 2004, the events have brought light to the causes of 700 NGOs, and over INR 200 crores.

  • The platforms are cause-agnostic.It is left to the choice of a runner/fundraiser/donor to whom his/her donation needs to go – this creates a strong affinity between the fundraiser and the NGO/CSO for whom the efforts are directed.
  • The direct cost of fundraising is the lowestin the country – average @6.71% across all four events
  • Fundraising is encouraged through ‘pledges’. This increases the reach of philanthropy, beyond just the participants, the city, and country.
  • A transparent medium– every rupee raised is accounted for by the Philanthropy Partner and a docket is created where funds raised by every NGO, individual and company is documented for posterity.

Title Sponsor:              Standard Chartered Bank

Associate Sponsor:      Tata Consultancy Services

Promoted by:              Procam International

Under the Aegis of:     Athletics Federation of India




  • Highest Fundraising NGO: Shrimad Rajchandra Love and Care – Rs. 2,56,28,136/-
  • 2nd Highest Fundraising NGO: Care Foundation – Rs.1,80,55,001/-
  • 3rd Highest Fundraising NGO:  Isha Vidhya – Rs.1,49,87,627/-


  • Highest Fundraising company: Godrej – Rs.1,07,70,789/-
  • 2nd Highest Fundraising Company: Kotak Mahindra Bank – Rs. 47,27,867/-
  • Highest Fundraising Individual: Shanti Ekambaram (Kotak) – Rs. 8,02,008/-
  • 2nd Highest Fundraising Individual: Manish Kothari (Kotak) – Rs. 5,79,606


  • Highest Fundraising young leader: Meera Mehta – Rs. 10,75,700/-
  • 2nd Highest Fundraising leader: Malini Kohli – Rs. 10,65,603/-


CHANGE ICON – Individuals committing to raise 50 lakhs or above

  • Highest Fundraiser: Sankara Raman – Rs. 73,93,002/-
  • 2nd Highest Fundraiser (change icon): Dharmesh Jain – Rs. 71,04,001/-
  • SCMM Change Icon: Villy Doctor – Rs. 52,60,314/-
  • SCMM Change Icon: Ramani Sankararaman – Rs. 50,99,104/-
  • SCMM Change Icon: Anand Mahindra – Rs. 50,00,000/-

  • Highest Change Champion (individual committing to raise a minimum of Rs 25lakhs): Sadashiv Rao – Rs. 34,28,179/-
  • Highest Change Leader (pledge to raise a minimum of Rs 10lakhs): Anisha Johri – Rs. 1480852
  • Highest Change Investor (pledge to raise a minimum of Rs 5lakhs): Dr. Akil Tahir – Rs. 8,73,870/-
  • Highest Fundraiser Family: Jasani Family – Rs. 50,11,000/-
  • Highest number of Donors: Unmesh Sharma (604 donors) – Rs. 7, 89,810/-