St. Xavier’s Fathers offer prayers for all for Protection and Cure from COVID-19

All over the world all are praying and making sacrifices. All Religious Leaders are praying, offering Pujas, Yagnas and urging us to pray.

In St Xavier’s at this moment of great crisis, the Fathers are offering special prayers for God’s mercy for Kolkata, for India and for the world at large.

Merciful God in heaven, we are facing the most grave danger to humankind, the pandemic caused by the corona virus. We pray for your kind and immediate intervention. First of all, we pray for your Divine Forgiveness for humankind. In your forgiving love, forgive us all your children our sins, grave damages to your beautiful creation.

Gripped with fear and faced with gloom, we turn our hearts to you, all Merciful God. Calm our fear and desperation. In your great benevolence, strengthen us, give us assurance and hope, show us light and direction.

At this moment, we earnestly pray for those who are afflicted with Covid-19 all over the world, particularly for all our brothers and sisters in India, in Bengal and in Kolkata. Heal them Compassionate and Merciful God. Please stretch out your protecting hands upon the rest of us. Help us all stand united in our efforts and resolve to stop community transmission all over India, particularly in Kolkata and Bengal.

Loving God, give wisdom and guidance to the scientists doing research that they may develop an effective vaccine to combat the sickness speedily and successfully.

Benevolent God, bless and give courage and comfort to all those directly helping and battling in this field all over the world, specially in India and in Kolkata, very specially  the  medical fraternity and those working along  with them in various places who are doing their very best to protect and save us by risking their own lives. Specially bless and protect their family members.

Along with them bless and protect  the Govt personnel, the civic and other workers, the Police and administration, those running the transport, those in sale and distribution of various goods and materials and those in essential services and the likes.

Merciful God, many are losing jobs, many are helpless because they do not have enough money and they cannot earn either. Please take care of them specially the poor and the helpless.

Those Indians who are still abroad, help them to be safe there and to come back soon.

Bless our Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi, our Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and the Govt Heads and administrations all over India. Guide them with your wisdom and light to lead the people at this moment of great risk and danger.

Bless, protect and guide each one of us and all our families in India, in Bengal and in Kolkata, to be responsible and do our part sincerely and selflessly for the good of all.

May the Loving and Merciful God be with us all, to protect us and help us to overcome this most dreadful risk and danger in our lives.

Rev . Fr. Dominic Savio, SJ . 

Principal, St. Xavier’s College ( Autonomous ), Kolkata.

President, SXCCAA