Sports You Know Nothing About

starscape_frisbee_ultimate_frisbee_discsThe world never ceases to amaze us. In the world of sports, there’s very limited knowledge that an individual has about the sports in existence. There are so many sports that you mustn’t have heard of. Here’s a list of a few such niche sports that are in existence-

  1. Octopush: Yeah you heard it correctly, that’s what it’s called! More accurately, it can be termed as- Underwater Hockey. Originating in England in 1954, as way to keep a diving club busy during winters, it’s a team sport played in a swimming pool. It’s a six-on-six game requiring the unique skill of holding your breath to score. The aim is to use a stick called a “pusher” to push a puck into your opponent’s goal.
  2. Fencing: The name may bring many images to your mind, but we assure you, it has nothing to do with fences. It’s actually sword-fighting. The term’ fencing’ was got by shortening of ‘defence’ to ‘fence’. It’s a one on one sport where players are clad from head to toe with sensors all over the clothing. They duel using long pointy swords, and fight for points which are won when a sword makes contact with the opponent’s body.
  3. Frisbee: Or better called- Ultimate Frisbee is a game similar to American football, but the difference is, it involves a Frisbee instead of a ball; teams of seven pass the frisbee up a 120-yard field aiming to get it into their rival’s end zone to score a point. This game has no referee; the players call their own fouls, but are expected to adhere to the spirit of sportsmanship.
  4. Futsal: This is a modified form of soccer played with five players each side, on a smaller, harder, typically indoor, football ground. Game play is much faster and involves using a lot of cheeky football skills to score since the goals are smaller as well. Many well known professional footballers credit their football skills to Futsal.
  5. Korfball: Simply put? This can be described as a combination of netball & basketball. The differences are- bigger courts, higher nets, no backboards, & the rings are inside the back line, allowing shooting from any angle. Another point to be noted is that the courts are halved not cut in three. The no-moving-with-the-ball rule applies here & it also incorporates the stay-in-your-section policy from netball. The players are either attackers or defenders & it’s a mixed gender game, which makes it loved by all!