South Africans Go Desi with GLOW

Glow LogoIndian television content is going main stream in a reflection of changing audience tastes across the world. South African media conglomerate Kagiso Media has launched a brand new Eastern InspiredTV channel called“Glow” which will cater to mainstream as well as second/third generation Indians. Glow has scouted the world for premium, eastern inspired content from leading content providers like BBC, Sony Entertainment Television, Star India, Globo (Brazil), NDTV and of course blockbuster movies etc. The channel is targeted at urban working professionals looking for interesting and progressive Eastern content. The content is in English and Hindi with English subtitles where applicable. Glow has come up with attractive and aptly names Glow Watt Bundles which are packages in line with market needs for Indian Advertisers with presence in South Africa.

Glow is available on the newly launched free to air satellite platform – OpenView HD, with its USP being “pay once – enjoy forever”. Openview HD (OVHD) in the South African TV market is third major launch by e.tvholding company Sabido Investments Pty Ltd after and e.tvNews

Kagiso Media has entitled its Ad sales rights exclusively to H2O Media for all advertisers based in India.

Sanjyoti Hadimani, Business Development Manager, H2O Media “We at H2O are thrilled to have a channel like Glow in our portfolio. The USP of the channel is that while it has content catering to South Asian sensibilities, the content being in English helps it to reach out to a much wider audience, thereby giving our advertisers a bigger platform to advertise on in South Africa. Added to that, being on a Free-to-Air platform gives it fantastic reach. We are extremely excited to offer this to our clients and can already see interest in it picking up. Finally it is always a pleasure to be in business with great partners like Kagiso”

H20 is a media marketing company that markets Indian ethnic media catering to the Non- Resident Indian community abroad to advertisers in India. For advertisers based in India who have a distribution presence in the international markets, reaching the Indian communities is critical for their business success in those markets as they form the core target group for consumption. The foods category, banking sector, travel and tourism sector etc are some key examples of these categories. H2O operates in this scenario offering a single point media representation for Indian ethnic media catering to Indian advertisers who want to reach out to the NRI population.