Smelly Socks? Try these, they are odourless !

Why is The Times, Mashable, Mirror and Daily Mail among many others, reviewing and reporting on a pair of socks?  Well, for one , because these are no ordinary socks!  They are anti-bacterial, breathable, anti-slip, super-durable, comfortable with built-in qualities for stiffness reduction. Like, everything my Mom has ever looked for in a pair of socks, that too in attractive colour schemes and at are available at equally attractive price points.

In simple words, these socks are everything you were looking for to say goodbye to stinky feet because of their odourless qualities  that  also promise comfort,  dryness  and style! Perfect for daily use, travel, and training, they are really stuff that makes one wonder “why nobody thought of this one before”?

When the company did a crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo last year,  100,000 pairs were sold in a jiffy and the  response received was overwhelmingly positive . The next port of call? Kickstarter.

But let us get down to the basics – the socks, and i am wearing one as i write this, are extremely comfortable, soft and skin friendly even in these tropical climes. They are indeed odour free – trust me, however gross it might sound, I actually did roll them out after prolonged use and they were, not the least revolting.

Dont ask me to explain the chemistry – fact is the socks are really odour free and are a pleasure to wear, being light and soft. And yes, i do recommend them from the bottom of my heart. For all those suffering from the ignominy of smelly socks, the answer is finally here, thankfully!

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