SmartVizX Nominated as Start-up of the Week by NASSCOM for Start-ups

smartvizxNew Delhi, 18th August 2015: SmartVizX, a leading virtualization firm and first movers to bring virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) solutions for business, has been nominated as the Start Up of the Week by NASSCOM under its 10,000 Start-Ups initiative.


The ‘10,000 Start-Ups’ program is an initiative by NASSCOM to evangelize the Indian entrepreneurial ecosystem. The program focuses on multifold activities aimed at fostering entrepreneurship, building entrepreneurial capabilities at scale and providing robust early stage support through incubation, mentorship and angel funding.


Founded by a rare combination of architects and game developers, SmartVizX has pioneered three path-breaking products namely: Viviz, Codew, and Archviz. These products aim to disrupt the traditional decision-making process and buying behavior of the consumers by handing them over complete control. Based on ‘Immersive Technology’, these products can make the user feel like they are actually in a place which is yet unmapped. For instance, the buyers can see the view from their future balcony 5 years, 10 years down the line as accurately as possible on the current date.


“This is an extremely proud moment for us. NASSCOM for Start-Up is a great initiative that gives an impetus to the mammoth talent pool we have in our country. Our aim at SmartVizX is to introduce virtual reality in our day to day lives. The concept of virtual reality has existed for decades but its power to transform business and associated decision making is largely unexplored. While creating innovative VR solutions, we at the same time wish to educate consumers and marketers of the untapped potential of this technology. There is no denying that there is already a huge opportunity for VR in immersive marketing, education, real estate, science & medicine, physical training, and tourism experiences. VR can renew consumer engagement in a way that will impact business goals to a massive extent and at the same time work in consumer’s advantage. We are upbeat of the fact that VR is the next big thing and will revolutionize the world soon in the same way social media and smartphones did few years back. We are gearing up for improving the current and developing the next set of VR tools at SmartVizX which we announce and seek patents on soon.” Said Gautam Tewari, Founding Director, SmartVizX.


As per a recent report by market adviser Digi Capital, Virtual Reality and Augmented reality could lead to a $150 billion market by 2020. The digital ecosystem is evolving rapidly and consumers seek for better control of the buying experience to make smarter choices. Hence, ‘Immersive Customer Experience’ through VR is the only differentiator a marketer can  strive to achieve a more engaging and customized platform to make the customer experience more real. This ‘Immersive Technology’ transposed to business has myriad applications; which converts everyday processes like online shopping, buying property, product design and other static digital content into immersive experiences. The visionaries at SmartVizX,  understand and tap this disruptive potential of gamification by VR and its unlimited applications across industries.


About SmartVizX Offerings


  1. Arch Viz –  Immersive & Interactive virtual architectural walkthrough
  2. CODEW – Collaborative online design tool for products which allows multiple stakeholders across locations to work together
  3. VI-VIZ–   Web-based dynamic platform providing interactive visualization of properties and products that gives enhanced control to the buyers


About SmartVizX


“SmartVizX – We are VR!”


SmartVizX is a leading virtualization firm that creates interactive virtual environment based on ‘Immersive Technology’ for business applications and facilitating novel consumer buying behavior. The team at SmartVizX comprises of vastly experienced visionaries from the domains of architecture & gaming technology whose sole focus is on creating futuristic virtual environments that galvanize end users to explore unmapped products & spaces. The prime focus of SmartVizX is to help brands and companies do smarter business by implementing virtualization solutions. SmartVizX solutions help brands achieve massive success by enhancing consumer experiences and influence decision making.


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