SmartVizX launches Virtual Reality Solutions for Business

smartvizx~Brings together architects and gaming technology experts to create immersive environments~


14th July 2015, New Delhi: SmartVizX, a leading virtualization firm for the first time brings virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) solutions for business. With an aim to disrupt the traditional decision-making process and buying behavior, the company builds unique ‘Immersive Technology’ based solutions breaking away from the current static and passive content being used for the lack of better innovation.

“At SmartVizX, we believe Virtual Reality so far used mostly for entertainment purposes has the power to revolutionize business as well. In the coming years with the evolving technology there will be no barriers between real & unreal. Virtual Reality will soon emerge as the most potent business tool. How we translate this for meeting business objectives is what will help in its ability to facilitate smarter business. We aim at creating products and services that will help make the most effective business decisions and processes, giving maximum control to the end users to make better & more effective choices.” Said Gautam Tewari, Founding Director, SmartVizX

With the rapidly evolving digital ecosystem the only differentiator a marketer can  strive to achieve is a more engaging and customized platform to make the customer experience more real. The consumers need better control of the buying experience to make smarter choices. This creates a huge opportunity for ‘Immersive Customer Experience’ through VR.

This ‘Immersive Technology’ transposed to business has myriad applications; which converts everyday processes like online shopping, buying property, product design and other static digital content into immersive experiences.

SmartVizX has been built as a unique concept driven outfit led by a team of visionaries.  The true USP of the firm lies in the combined strength of hardcore tech gamers and seasoned architects who have co-created unparelled solutions in the nascent and unexplored arena of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

About SmartVizX Offerings

  • Arch Viz –  Immersive & Interactive virtual architectural walkthrough
  • CODEW – Collaborative online design tool for products which allows multiple stakeholders across locations to work together
  • VI-VIZ–   Web-based dynamic platform providing interactive visualization of properties and products that gives enhanced control to the buyers


About SmartVizX

“SmartVizX – We are VR!”

SmartVizX is a leading virtualization firm that creates interactive virtual environment based on ‘Immersive Technology’ for business applications and facilitating novel consumer buying behavior. The team at SmartVizX comprises of vastly experienced visionaries from the domains of architecture & gaming technology whose sole focus is on creating futuristic virtual environments that galvanize end users to explore unmapped products & spaces. The prime focus of SmartVizX is to help brands and companies do smarter business by implementing virtualization solutions. SmartVizX solutions help brands achieve massive success by enhancing consumer experiences and influence decision making.

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