SmartVizX develops path-breaking Visualization tool “Vizer” for the Furniture Industry

smartvizBG~Vizer will facilitate immersive Customer Engagement and High quality renders of Furniture Company’s Assets~


17th September, New Delhi: 17th September, New Delhi: SmartVizX, a leading virtualization firm, for the first time brings a path-breaking visualization tool for Furniture Industry.  This tool will facilitate customer engagement on the company’s web portal in 3D & real-time through the Vizer viewer/designer and also allow for high quality renders of the entire product.

Current online furniture sales platforms largely rely on 2D images to present and showcase their furniture collection to the consumers. These are either in form of photographs and/or renders. Usually, all these images are static or are in form of a video of the same furniture. However, it is a big challenge, not just logistically but also with time and money constraints, to visualize every single furniture piece (and all its skews) in their catalog. It is extremely cumbersome for the customer to do the same for every possible combination that is achievable as part of a room/space with their large and impressive catalogs.

Vizer offers a way to let users/customers play around with the furniture company’s asset catalog and design a room or space and also take high resolution renders from any position and angle. This all will be done on a customer’s laptop/PC, in a web browser without the need to download any special software. With just a click of a button they can self-generate 3D of the space and start putting in furniture as they’d like it to be. Once a user is happy with the configuration of the room/space, they can place the camera and get an instant high resolution render of the space with the exact same setup.

“We present for the first time a process in which the designed furniture models can directly be imported into our tool – Vizer. Vizer digitizes a furniture company’s assets and catalogs them. It also possesses capability of storing metadata along with pricing, name, material, finishes, etc. These once catalogued will allow for a one stop shop for all their designers and customers alike. Imagine the infinite ways you can put all of these furniture pieces together at just a few clicks and instantly receiving not just a high resolution render of the setup to visualize how it’ll turn out, but also the cost implication of such a setup. This will help the consumers make quicker and more informed decisions and designers will be able to present their countless works with the relative ease of browsing the web.”Said Gautam Tewari, Founding Director, SmartVizX.


Vizer is ideally suited for Modular kitchen companies, Furniture companies that have their own online presence, Online listing companies that aggregate furniture or manufacture their own, Interior design companies (online and offline) & companies that are a mix of the above. Vizer is a model tool for any new age organization that can relate to such a process.

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