SMA Lauds ITC Vote on Corrosion-Resistant Steel

smalogoWashington, D.C. – The Steel Manufacturers Association (SMA) lauded today’s United States International Trade Commission (ITC) vote on certain corrosion-resistant steel products from China, India, Italy, Korea, and Taiwan.  Final antidumping and countervailing duties were upheld be a unanimous 6-0 affirmative vote.

Steel Manufacturers Association President Philip K. Bell issued the following statement following the ITC vote:

“I am pleased with the results of today’s ITC vote.  When combined with the cold-rolled decision issued earlier this week, it is increasingly apparent that the recent improvements to our nation’s trade laws have enhanced our ability to combat unfair trade practices.  With over 14,800 layoffs announced throughout our industry, proper enforcement of our trade laws is critical.  I am optimistic that these decisions will help provide some relief to domestic producers of corrosion-resistant and cold-rolled steel products.

“The SMA and its members have fought hard to help create legislation, to provide expanded resources, and to raise awareness in the fight on unfair trade.  We appreciate the efforts of the ITC and the Department of Commerce, as well as the numerous elected officials and labor representatives who advocated on behalf of the communities that have been impacted by unfair trade.”

SMA is North America’s largest steel trade association, and the primary association for electric arc furnace steel producers.  SMA’s member companies account for over seventy-five percent of total domestic steel production.