The Sky, is not the limit for SKYLED, it is the destination – Md. Rais Qureshi

Md. Rais Qureshi, the young and indomitable CEO of Sky LED an alumnus of the Bhawanipur Education Society College (BESC) met up with Tristha Sharma, Preiti Jalan and Jenia Giri, students of Corporate Communications of the college. Despite his hectic schedule, Qureshi answered all the queries that the budding communicators had for him, going to the extent of offering them internship opportunities in his organisation, impressed by their flair and the willingness to learn the ropes. The questions were pointed, the answers from the heart. Excerpts:


Q1. Market watchers are pointing at SKY LED as one brand that is on the march. What are the reasons behind the runaway popularity of SKY TV?

It’s great to hear you say that. The recipe is simple and time tested. We are offering great products at affordable price points. Our television sets are state of the art in terms of technology, are ultra-premium  in terms of quality and performance and are priced just right. Naturally the brand is picking up in terms of popularity and I am grateful to all our dealers are re-sellers who are putting in their best efforts to take the brand to the ultimate customers, helping it break through the charts.

Q2. In terms of price, how are SKY TVs priced in comparison to the market leaders? Does the price difference mean a compromise on the quality as well?

We are priced attractively. Call it Invitation pricing if you may, the point is that our products are synonymous with the paradigm of value for money. As you know, our manufacturing base is in China which gives us some natural price advantages. Besides, the components too are sourced from around the world providing us with a further edge in terms of pricing. As our overheads, especially in terms of advertising and branding are pretty low compared to our competitors; we can pass of a substantial amount of the savings to the consumer. Our pricing is because of our lean cost structure and nothing else. Please remember that the market dynamics do not play favorites and we are where we are by the dint of consistently providing quality products at fair prices. Reasonably priced and cheap, are not the same – our prices are reasonable and our quality the farthest from cheap. Compromise is not a word that is in our dictionary.

Q3. Where are SKY TVs manufactured? What advantages do you derive by manufacturing abroad?

Our production base is in the Hunan province of China where we have about 500 people working for us even as we talk.  As for working out of China, the advantages are obvious – we are using their economies of scale, their technological advancements, their manufacturing prowess – the same qualities that they use to dominate the world markers for the benefit of Indian consumers. However, we do not manufacture the entire product in China and perform the final assembling, testing, quality control and other critical functions here in India at our factory in Noida. We are an Indian entity, getting a part of our work done in mainland China and are a proud participant in the Make in India programme.

Q4. Which market segments are you catering in the present? What are your plans for a pan India rollout?

We are currently in the mid segments of the markets where the bulk of the new orders emanate. This is also the segment where the maximum number of replacements are taking place, with conventional television sets being phased out by flat screen sets. The size of this market is enormous to put things mildly and we are happy to be competing with some of the biggest names in the industry, slogging it out, set by set towards curving out our niche in the consumer psyche. We will gradually move upwards, towards the high value, top of the line products as our brand attains the kind of weight required to associate the premium tag.

Geographically too we have aggressive plans for expansion. We are currently localized in the East, North-East and the South in terms of markets and will be going pan-India very soon. As a matter of fact, we are currently in the process of setting up the logistics for such a Nation-wide rollout.


Q5. What steps are you taking to establish the SKY brand, to make it a household name among the consumers?

Brands as we all know, like Rome, are not built in a day. And we too are taking all possible steps to ensure that the Sky name is etched firmly in the hearts of the discerning consumers. It is too early to be talking about the specifics and I do not want to sound vainglorious. Suffice to say, we have thrown our collective hat in the ring and we will not leave without giving it our best shot. We are new, we are young and we are here for the long term.

Q6. Where do you see SKY in 5 years time?

Where else can the Sky be, but above our heads? Our naming is deliberate, we know of our destiny to be at the top and we are working heart and soul to claim what is rightfully ours. The Sky, is not the limit for SKY, it is the destination.

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