Sky Led S43S – the television from the future is here!

The one gadget that has helped countless families fight the depression brought about by the pandemic and all the resultant hardships that they have been put through, has been the television set. As a matter of fact, it is not correct to call it the TV set any more, as it is more or less, the only entertainment station that families have had, stuck as they were at home.

Naturally, the demand for more – improved, net-enabled, google-controlled, cloud-buffered Television sets have been on the rise as families realise just how much their lives have become dependent on the set and how, without one, they risk the prospect of sinking into the black hole of mental trauma and anguish. While all television sets have performed to the best of their ability and expertise, some have emerged champions and the one reason that has made them stand out, head and shoulders above the competition, is their ability to protect the eyes, especially of the children, by having an inbuilt system that uses the UV filter prism.  

Yes, we are talking about the ultra-modern Model S43S from Sky Led, the Kolkata based brand that gets its products put together in Noida, India. It will not be an exaggeration to state here that the Sky Led products are top of the line – sourced from the same electronic tech-shops from where originate some of the major branded television sets that come at mindboggling price tags!

Says the swashbuckling Rais Qureshi, the man behind the brand, “Sky Led spends a fraction of the money that our competitors spend on their brands which is why we can offer our products at the most attractive price points”. Check the price to facility on offer on each model vis-à-vis that of a competitor and Qureshi’s claims hold fire, as the Sky Led models, across the board, are found to have a distinct price advantage. As for the quality assurance, Rais Qureshi is forthright, “we have not come to where we are, consistently performing over the years, is our quality was not comparable with the best, if not better. Take the S43S for example – it has the coveted BIS certificate as well”.  


With a dealer network that is fast spreading to make the Sky Led name a household name across the length and the breadth of India, Qureshi seems to be a happy man. The way the market had imploded when the lockdown had been imposed initially, is hopefully a thing of the past and rural demand, which was hit adversely due to logistical issues, are again showing a robust growth. “The ensuing festive season will be crucial, and we are confident that the S43S with its killer capabilities, at the price that it is being offered, will be a bargain that will be too tempting for the buyers to ignore”.

Sky Led Model: S43S


BIS certified

Golden frame with an upmarket, aesthetic look.

UV filter Prism which protects the eyes – child friendly

Hitech Smart LED TV with Android 9 operating system.

No buffering required as unit is powered by cloud core processor.

In-built sound bar professional quality sound out-put.

Google Assisted Voice control remote.

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