Skin Alive Clinic’s Founder Dr. Chiranjiv Chhabra tells about laser hair removal for men

Dr Chiranjiv ChabraA lot of men these days visit dermatology clinics to get their facial hair reduced and groomed to give a desired and sizzling look to their beard

 It’s an age of the metrosexual man. The man who doesn’t mind spending a few hours and some  money on augmenting his beauty. Chiseled like a Greek God, when superstars like Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan flaunt their hairless chests with gusto, you know that the concept of beauty has redefined itself for men.


Body hair is no longer a macho thing. So, if you still think that going in for a permanent body hair removal would make you appear effeminate, you need a perception overhaul. Laser hair removal is no longer just for girls. More and more men too are opting for it.


In fact, today they are using it as a grooming method to chose where they want hair and where they do not. Beard grooming is one such procedure that has caught up in men. This helps them give a refined and attractive shape to their beard while removing excess facial hair.


At our clinic we have been performing laser hair removal since 14 years. While this was not readily acceptable 8-10 years back, today the procedure has gained much acceptance.


There has also been a tremendous increase in the number of men visiting us for laser hair removal. Eight years back if it was 2 men in every 10 people we treated, today it is 4-5. The procedures are no longer considered a taboo for men and they are just fine with getting what they desire.


Most men come asking for a chest and back clean up. Arms and legs are not areas men desire hair to be removed from.


Upper beard removal is another trend that is becoming common.


Beard shaping and eye brow shaping is done subtly so as to give it a beautifully groomed yet natural appearance.


Some people have a lot of facial hair, so for them we remove excess hair without actually removing the entire beard. So it will not appear that they have undergone a procedure, but their beard will look extremely well groomed.


Removing excess hair from forehead is another procedure that gives a neat look and men look forward to it.


In fact, the entire procedure of laser hair removal has become much more acceptable among people – both men and women – over the past few years.


Today, even teenagers are coming in to get a body hair removal done to get rid of the need for waxing once and for all.


Bleach is passé, today not many people like to get their facial hair bleached like they used to do earlier. And why would they, when they have a better and safe option in laser hair removal.