Singer – composer Gita Setia takes the world by storm with her New Album release- ‘Tumhre Payar Ka Mausam’

New Delhi, 5th Feb ‘17

Singer – composer Gita Setia With her soulful and melodious voice hosted an evening to release her new album ‘Tumhre Payar Ka Mausam’ at Juniper Hall, India Habitat Center, New Delhi.

She is an absolute talent-house, who managed to enrapture the audience with her melody and lyrics. The guest of honour for the evening was Padma Vibhushan Ustad Amjad Ali Khan.

The inaugural evening began with lightening the lamp ceremony, and launching the Album and CDs of ” Tumhare Pyar Ka Mausam’ in the presence of Ustad Amjad Ali Khan Padma Vibhushan followed by performace by Singer Gita Setia.

Mr. Dnyaneshwar Mulay- Ministry of External Affair & Overseas Indian Affair, Mr. Sunjoy Roy- owner of Jaipur Lit Festival, Mr. Sandeep Marwah-Owner of Noida Film City, Celebrated Poet Sudeep Sen , Gen. Rajesh Sahai, Designer Varija Bajaj, Vinita Bakshi, Dr. Bharti Taneja , Designer Kapil & Moinka and several others attended the evening.

Speaking about the occasion, Singer Gita Setia said,”  Tumhare Pyar ka Mausam ( Season of your love) are Easy listening, Unwinding, Romantic song Album.  Soft tones, soft music and gentle Instruments help emphasize the poetry and Expression. The use of Flute and Violin ( especially in the second Album) evoke the softness of the Poetic mood. The basic notes of most of the songs are similar, to keep the continuity but the mood and expression of every song is different from the other depicted through the voice modulation and the use of some high or low notes to express the emotion. Peaceful- was the word in my mind, while composing this album. Hope I have been able to evoke  that”.

Last year Gita exhibited her proficiency in music when she released her first album- Dil hai Nagmanigar, exclusively composed and sung by her. (The Album is available on I Tunes, Spotify, and Amazon, to name a few).

The evening turned out to be a gala event where the guests were swayed to the beat of this exciting musical rendition.


Gita Setia-The Muse in the world of Music

Gita Setia is an exceptionally talented and trained Vocalist who received her initial training in music from her mother, Smt. Sushiala Kapoor, a singer at All India Radio, New Delhi. Stage fear is unknown to her as Gita’s first stage performance was at the tender age of six for the Rishi Bodh Utsav in Delhi. Gita also underwent rigorous training in Rabindre Sangeet from Ila Bannerjee for 4 years. She enticed the audience with her mellifluous voice regularly at Rabindre Jayantis and Durga Pooja at Kali Badi, New Delhi.

She got her formal training in North Indian Classical and other forms of singing, for 10 years in the US, where she currently resides. Gita has performed at various fundraisers and Venues including – The Indian Consulate. Her video performance can also be seen on You Tube Channel under her name.

This woman is an absolute talent-house made for theatre and drama. Apart from singing, Gita has been part of numerous plays in Mandi House, New Delhi where she has worked under the direction of some renowned names like Nadira Babbar, Rajendre Nath, to name a few. Like all this wasn’t enough, Gita has also done a National Commercial for- Vonage Telephone Com in the US