Sinalytics: Siemens and Atos cooperate to offer advanced data analytics solutions

atosBy offering a combined data analytics platform the alliance partners will support customers on their way to digital business

Atos will present Sinalytics at the industry fair Hannover Messe in Germany

National, April 26, 2016: Atos and Siemens announced today its joint go-to-market approach for data analytics based on Sinalytics. This advanced and secure platform meets the requirements of customers in many sectors, especially in the industry sector. Atos and Siemens developed the Sinalytics foundation platform architecture as part of their joint development program.

Digital transformation is one of the global megatrends accelerating the market developments, next to the demographic shift, globalization, urbanization and climate change. Based on technology trends such as mobility, cloud, internet of things, security and data analytics all industries are facing massive changes in their business models and processes. Connecting products, machines, plants and devices while they are all collecting massive amounts of data, create huge opportunities for companies in the industry and manufacturing sector.

To meet this increasing demand Atos and Siemens initiated the Industrial Data Analytics initiative as part of the joint investment program. The Sinalytics platform architecture is one of the major outcomes of the IDA initiative. The secure and flexible concept meets the requirement especially of industry customers, as well as in other sectors.

Thierry Breton, Chairman and CEO, Atos said: “The strategic alliance between Siemens and Atos is a major driver for the worldwide digitalization in the industrial sectors. The smart use of data will lead to the factory of the future: being connected, optimized and providing intelligent products and processes.”

Siegfried Russwurm, Chief Technology Officer and Member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG said: “Sinalytics is an important element of our strategy to translate digitalization trends into dedicated customer benefits in the growth fields of Electrification, Automation and Digitalization. The cooperation between Siemens and Atos will drive advanced analytics solutions in the industrial sector.” The Atos and Siemens Global Alliance joint investment fund of €150 million, created in 2011, which among other things has allowed the two companies to develop analytics and data-driven services aimed at delivering added value to their customers through the integration of business innovation technologies.

Siemens Plant Data Service

Several Applications on the Siemens MindSphere Platform are already powered by Sinalytics. Siemens is offering its customers cloud-based data analytics services increasing the transparency of the production processes within a specific plant. Data from the production processes will be collected, filtered and structured enabling the customer to optimize the plant performance.

Atos at Hannover Messe

Atos will present the combination of Atos Codex and Sinalytics for the first time at this year’s Hannover Messe in Germany starting April 25 2016 in Hannover. In hall 7, booth D28 of the globally leading industry fair, Atos will show an original aircraft engine to explain disruptive technologies like augmented reality, additive manufacturing and predictive analytics.

The Atos Siemens alliance has by far over-delivered on the original expectations for joint business. The alliance generated many successful wins through early engagement and strong collaboration, complementary offerings and joint investments to create unique solutions. Atos and Siemens offer joint services to 130 major customers through 25 collaboration areas covering various domains, such as manufacturing, transportation, energy and utilities, infrastructures.

About Sinalytics

Siemens Digital Services and the analytics solution Atos Codex combine advanced technologies for connectivity, data analytics and cyber security. The naming “Sinalytics” underlines the combined effort of both companies in terms of design and development of a high quality and high performance industrial analytics platform. The jointly developed technologies allow to aggregate, to securely transfer and to analyze the vast amounts of industrial data generated by systems and machines. Using Sinalytics, both Siemens Digital Services and Atos Codex can leverage this data to increase availability, optimize performance, reduce costs and improve security of customers’ assets.

About Atos

Atos SE (Societas Europaea) is a leader in digital services with pro forma annual revenue of circa EUR 12 billion and 100,000 employees in 72 countries. Serving a global client base, the Group provides Consulting & Systems Integration services, Managed Services & BPO, Cloud operations, Big Data & Cyber-security solutions, as well as transactional services through Worldline, the European leader in the payments and transactional services industry. With its deep technology expertise and industry knowledge, the Group works with clients across different business sectors: Defense, Financial Services, Health, Manufacturing, Media, Utilities, Public sector, Retail, Telecommunications, and Transportation. Atos is focused on business technology that powers progress and helps organizations to create their firm of the future. The Group is the Worldwide Information Technology Partner for the Olympic & Paralympic Games and is listed on the Euronext Paris market. Atos operates under the brands Atos, Atos Consulting, Atos Worldgrid, Bull, Canopy, Unify and Worldline.