Siemens continuous caster produces world’s thickest stainless-steel slabs at Posco


Production capacity 700,000 metric tons per annum
Continuous caster achieves slab thicknesses of up to 300 millimeters

A single-strand continuous stainless-steel slab caster capable to cast the world’s thickest stainless steel slabs was brought into operation in July for Pohang Iron and Steel Co. Ltd. (Posco) in Pohang, Korea. Siemens Metals Technologies built the machine in Posco´s stainless steel plant SSCP 4. It is designed to produce 700,000 metric tons of austenitic and ferritic steel slabs with thicknesses of up to 300 millimeters per annum. The new continuous casting plant expands Posco’s capacity for producing high-quality stainless steels.