SÉchÉ Environnement and the Ecocert Group launch the biodiversitY debate

Séché_logo.svgAs a prelude to the COP21 conference,

SÉchÉ Environnement and the Ecocert Group launch the biodiversitY debate

A few weeks before the opening of the Paris Conference on Climate change, (COP21, November 30 – December 11, 2015), two French companies heavily involved in territorial ecology, SéchéEnvironnement (materials and energy recovery from waste) and Ecocert (a certification body for environmental issues), have decided to join forces to confront scientific expertise with their own experience. In this way, they intend to make an active and concrete contribution, on their own scale, to the struggle against global warming and its disastrous consequences.

In this context, they organized a conference and debate followed by a reception, on the subjectWhy Protecting the Climate if There’s no More Living?on Tuesday, October 20, 2015at a prestige Paris venue, the Musée de l’Homme (Museum of Mankind).

Their aim is to show that action in support of climate conservation and biodiversity needs to be taken also – and probably most importantly – at local and entrepreneurial level.

At a time when more and more scientists are alerting the world to the accelerating deterioration of our living space, the subject of our conference went beyond the global imbalance of the climate, and put the accent on the links between biodiversity and local impacts.

Convinced that better management of energy, and more globally better management of resources, can bring about new synergies, SéchéEnvironnement and Ecocert aim to show that solutions do exist for business activities.

The conference was attended by personalities from the worlds of politics and business, managers of NGOs, and journalists. Its aim was to present, in context, examples of local initiatives that support the diversity of living space and a balanced climate.

The conference moderator was the journalist Pierre Lefèvre, who welcomed prestigious speakers (from left to right): Gilles Bœuf, scientific advisor for the environment, biodiversity and the climate in the office of Ségolène Royal, French Minister for the Environment;the oceanographer and climatologist MrsPascale Delecluse, Director of the National Institute of Sciences of the Universe (part of the CNRS);  Brice Lalonde, formerly a French government Minister, now Deputy General Secretary of the United Nations in charge of the Global Compact and the climate; and the paleoanthropologist Pascal Picq of the Collège de France.

During the evening, JoëlSéché, Chairman of SéchéEnvironnement, and William Vidal, Chairman of Ecocert, co-signed a call to COP21 negotiators,the “Trocadero Declaration”, urging that all the positive grass-roots ideas emerging from COP21, from organizations like SéchéEnvironnement and Ecocert, should be adopted as part of their actions in support of biodiversity and the climate.

The event, which carries the COP21 label, took place in a first-rate venue in Paris: the Musée de l’Homme (Museum of Mankind), first opened as part of the 1937 World Exhibition, now open again after a renovation programme which lasted more than five years. Its magnificent collections can now be enjoyed in a whole new setting.

SéchéEnvironnement and Ecocert, two contrasting enterprises with the same commitment to defending biodiversity:


SéchéEnvironnement is a noteworthy actor in the energy and ecology transition process, and participates in the natural resources economy through its activities to recover secondary materials and energy from waste.

The Ecocert Group is acknowledged as a major player in environmental certification, recognizing the compliance and performance of all types of organization as they take into account environmental and societal challenges, both local and global: environmental management, organic agriculture, sustainable management of forests, transparency of carbonprojects or biodiversity… Its commitment and actions set an example to all kind of organizations, enhancing their awareness of the need to improve practices, and accompanying them by recognizing and acclaiming their efforts toward a more sustainable world.

SéchéEnvironnement’s action is notable, in particular, for the idea of the retroactive influence of biodiversity on climate disorder: adopting the dynamic of the circular economy and maintaining biodiversity brings positive environmental and climate change effects, leading to the social and economic development of the territories where the company operates.

This year, SéchéEnvironnement reaps the rewards of its exemplary conduct in environmental terms, as it is the first company to be awarded the double label ”Engagement Climat et Engagement Biodiversité” (Commitment to climate and Commitment to biodiversity) . This distinction will be awarded by Ecocert Environnement during the event.

About SECHE ENVIRONNEMENT (www.groupe-seche.com):


SéchéEnvironnementis one of the leading players in France in the treatment of, and resource recovery from, all types of waste from industry and/or from local communities.


It is the leading independent operator in France, with a unique positioning as the specialists in managing technical risks, at the hub of closed, high-entry-barrier markets for waste recovery and treatment.


Its facilities and expertise enable it to provide high value-added solutions to its industrial and public authority clients, targeting the challenges of the circular economy and sustainable development requirements such as:


  • Materials recovery or energy recovery from hazardous and non-hazardous waste;
  • All types of treatment of solid, liquid or gaseous waste (thermal, physical-chemical or biological treatment);
  • Landfill of final hazardous and non-hazardous waste;
  • Eco-services for decontamination, decommissioning, asbestos removal and site rehabilitation.


Based on its comprehensive know-how, the Group is actively developing its business on waste management outsourcing markets for its clientele of large local authorities and major industrial companies, in France and other countries.



About the ECOCERT GROUP (www.ecocert.com):


Involved in the development of organic agriculture in France and across the world for more than 20 years, Ecocert is the world’s leader in the certification of products from organic agriculture, as well as organic cosmetics. The Group draws on an international network of
29 subsidiaries and over 800 employees. In 2014, Ecocert recorded consolidated revenue of EUR 43 million from some 100 countries, serving more than 50 000 customers. Beyond its expertise in the field of certification, Ecocert encourages the adoption of best practices by drafting recognized and exacting standards in the environmental field, and offers advice and training in environment-related subject areas.