Sarvdharam Sabha Organized at Starex University

Gurgaon: Sarvdharam Sabha was organized at Starex University, Gurugram, Binola. The objective of this event was to highlight that all religions are worthy of worship. Rafiq Khan (Tawdu), giving a message of Muslim religion, said, “All biological and abiotic substances are controlled by the same power.” Hailing from Kharkhadi village and associated with Gayatri Parivar Haridwar, Rupesh Sharma and his disciples performed rituals of the ceremony. Five religious preachers belonging to Guru Singh Sabha, Gurugram offered their prayers after reciting Sukhmani Sahib.

On this occasion, Dr. Ashok Diwakar, Vice Chancellor, Starex University said, “All the ideologies will be studied and developed in an integrated manner in the university. Freedom of expression will be honored only under limitations.”

Among those present on the occasion were Vice Chancellor Dr. Ashok Diwakar, Director, Mr. Ishvien Mahendra Singh, Registrar Dr. S. L. Vashisht, Examination Controller, C. S. Bhardwaj and Dr. Sajid Ali, Principal, Starex International School.