SAPEC and VideoFlow partner for delivering high quality video over unmanaged networks

videoflowSAPEC integrates VideoFlow’s Digital Video Protection technology into its new high-end encoders and decoders

IBC 2014 booth B20 in Hall 3 & booth F90 in Hall 1

Rosh Ha’ayin, Israel and Madrid, Spain — 1 September 2014 – SAPEC will be launching its latest range of high-end encoders and decoders at IBC 2014 on booth F90 in Hall 1.  The Altum II are designed for high quality video delivery and have VideoFlow’s Digital Video Protection (DVP) built in to ensure the high quality, live video transmission over unmanaged networks such as public Internet.  The key to DVP is that it is independent of the video compression technology being used making it easy to deploy with any encoders and decoders.

Videoflow Sapec encoder

Videoflow Sapec decoder

Mrs. Ronit Kalujny, VideoFlow’s CEO, said, “This partnership has great potential for both companies as SAPEC has over 40 years of experience in developing and delivering state-of-the-art video solutions for tier one broadcasters, telcos and end customers including Telefonica, EBU, Televisa, and RTVE.  We are delighted to have SAPEC as one of our partners as we build a complete eco system for delivering high quality video over unmanaged networks.”

Mr. Miguel Cristobal, CEO of SAPEC, explained, “Integrating the VideoFlow DVP technology into our products offers our customers the best video quality possible even over unmanaged networks like the Internet.  We evaluated the technology options on the market for that and decided to trial VideoFlow’s.  Our engineers were very impressed with it as, over a period of a month, every lost packet was recovered and this was over a standard 6Mbps ADSL connection with no Quality of Service (QoS) in place.  We will be adding the VideoFlow technology to our new H.265/HEVC encoders and decoders because, being a more efficient encoding technology, H.265 is more vulnerable to unmanaged network interferences losing packets that would cause a sharp drop in the video quality unless protected by DVP.”

Reducing operating costs is a major driving force.  VideoFlow technology enables customers to transport real time, high quality video over unmanaged, best effort networks that frees customers from the need and costs of having an expensive Service Level Agreement (SLA).  In addition, VideoFlow’s capability of dynamically adapting for optimal video quality is becoming an asset for building a cost effective, professional, live video contribution and distribution flow.

VideoFlow technology

Live video broadcast are sent as a continuous bit stream, which the Internet was never designed to handle, resulting in artefacts caused by jitter, and packet loss.  More than a couple of seconds of latency is unacceptable by customers expecting to enjoy the excitement of live events like sport as they happen.  VideoFlow’s patent pending technology opens the Internet for delivering content by ensuring that no packet is lost and nullifying the jitter caused by transiting the Internet.  By doing so, it affords broadcasters, teleports and operators the opportunity to use a highly advanced, low cost solution for live, high quality video streams in place of existing, expensive solutions.

VideoFlow DVP units

The DVP comes as a “Plug and Play” pair – a Protector, which stores the packets until it is certain that they have been correctly received, and a Sentinel which monitors the health of the video stream by watching for packet loss and requests packets to be resent from the Protector’s cache only if required.  This is ensured by VideoFlow’s patents, which cover techniques to minimize the number of packets that have to be resent.  VideoFlow’s solution is highly flexible working with internet connections as slow as 200Kb/s or as fast as 800Mbps yet delivering the desired high quality.  VideoFlow’s patents also covers techniques to reduce bandwidth overhead to the minimum possible and to keep any delays at less than the two seconds, which is the maximum tolerated for true live broadcasts.  VideoFlow’s DVP family of products enables the reduction of bandwidth requirements cutting operational costs compared to the current solutions.


SAPEC, headquartered in Madrid, Spain, designs and manufactures HD and SD carrier grade audio and video transmission solutions and products. Flexibility and expertise are our hallmark skills, enabling us to provide off the shelf and tailor-made systems that fulfil the needs of major telecommunication providers and broadcasters worldwide. Our clients include major Spanish, South American, US and European companies.  SAPEC is a certified Spanish manufacturer with user references within telecommunication operators, broadcasters and system integrators.  SAPEC was founded in 1976.


VideoFlow is the pioneer of live high quality video (SD, HD and above) over standard internet connections.  Its DVP (Digital Video Protection) solutions rapidly pay for themselves by making expensive leased lines redundant for live broadcast.  The high quality of the original high quality video input is maintained during its transfer over the internet without artefacts, jitter or latency greater than two seconds.  VideoFlow has four key technology patents covering Live Content Delivery Networking (LCDN) with over a dozen patents pending.