Samsung Phones to Share Seamlessly with Windows PCs

The mobile industry has rapidly evolved in the recent past. Established phone manufacturers such as Samsung Electronics produce devices with continuous and seamless experiences. Microsoft is known for its sophisticated gadgets and software. Many punters use Windows PCs to wager in Tropicana Casino for fun. Some people choose Microsoft tech gadgets for their great mobile experience. Recently, Microsoft and Samsung formed a new partnership. Read on to learn what it entails.

Seamless Productivity 

Most consumers use many devices. They need to connect them for a better mobile experience. The new partnership will allow users to seamlessly share files and videos across different gadgets. It automatically syncs their content. There is a huge demand for seamless connectivity. About 51 percent of millennial staff spend up to three hours working on phones, according to CCS Insight. Microsoft and Samsung clients can seamlessly connect their devices from anywhere.

The two tech giants are striving to improve performance and mobility in their devices. For instance, Samsung Galaxy Book S offers unlimited connection to laptops. It has an LTE connectivity, an ultra-slim design, and an extended battery life for a great mobile computing experience.

OneDrive Cloud Storage

Samsung Gallery allows users to sync with several Microsoft OneDrive services. You can access your videos and photos from any device. It isn’t necessary to back up your content.

A Great Outlook Experience

Over 100 million gadgets offer a mobile calendar and email solution. Outlook helps users sync their content and share it across different devices. It combines contacts, email and personal files in a single app thus helping you focus on important tasks. Galaxy Note10 has an integrated and optimized Outlook app. It improves personal communication and time management. Samsung Galaxy Note10 has an S Pen which provides short previews when you check your contacts, calendar events, and emails.

DeX Android Desktop Mode

The DeX mode has evolved since it iterated with Galaxy S8. Users need a monitor and a cable to have a seamless connection. Even so, the introduction of Note 10 Plus and Note 10 will enable consumers to use USB cables to connect their phones to PC or Mac. The Note 10 will boot the Dex Android mode on your PC once you connect it.

Samsung and Apple are the leading phone manufacturers worldwide. But, Apple’s software is more advanced than that of Samsung. It includes the handoff technology which allows users to write an email on Mac and an iPad. Samsung’s new collaboration with Microsoft will enable web users to communicate through Outlook email. New Samsung phones will offer different Microsoft services.